Friday, July 8, 2011

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Bridgewater Candles Review/Giveaway CLOSED

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I can never get enough of smell goods for my house, I just love having a smell that takes you away and also when others come to your house and say oh what is that smell, can make you feel pretty good. Something that smells good can do so many things for a person like relax you, take you away, remind you of something, or simply just elevate your happiness to the next level. But, besides the candle I love when they come in extremely beautiful jars, cups or what ever they come in. The jars then can be used for something else and keep the pretty look lasting even after the candle is all gone. When I had the chance to review a few items from Bridgewater Candles I was so excited since I had read so many nice things about their candles and also the store behind the company is truly amazing.