Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Country Crock Review/Giveaway CLOSED

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Butter is such a huge factor in our home when cooking and I am sure it is in most people's home. I mean you add it to flavor food while it is cooking, recipes for baking, and even add it for the taste right before eating. Having the chance to review Country Crock I knew it was going to be so easy given the fact that I love it so much, but at the same time learn some information about it that I may not really know. Plus, Country Crock has launched an initiative called “Spread the Love of Vegetables” which as a parent myself, I know my kids don't eat their daily serving of vegetables like they should. (as seen in a USA Today article on April 13, “Only 14% of parents say their kids eat at least five vegetables a day.”)

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Sweetsation Therapy Review/Giveaway CLOSED

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With summer here and our little ones wanting to play outside from the moment they wake up until they pretty much go to sleep we have to make sure they are being protected from the sun at all times. There are so many ways to do this having them wear hats, sunglasses, play in the shade and we can't forget to apply the sunscreen several times a day. Then when choosing what sunscreen can be hard because you want one that is going to be safe, work well, and last a long time. When I had the chance to review a product from Sweetsation Therapy I was really excited to try something that was organic.

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