Monday, June 20, 2011

Inchbug Review/Giveaway CLOSED

 #47 Joy N.

I am bringing you all another great way to personalize items but not in the way you think. No stickers and also the actual item isn't personalized. So, I know this is a little different but it is so convenient and something you can use from one thing to the next and then everything is personalized well what you want at the time. Inchbug labels are so unique and pretty awesome. They can used from one item to the next and they are also easy to clean and get this they are super snug on the item you put them on.

Vedette Shapewear Review/ Giveaway "3 Winners" CLOSED

#30 Mindi
#46 Jessica King
#116 BeautyToLove 
I never thought the day would come when I would need something to help give me that shape. I remember when I was in High School and my mom and other woman would say enjoy that body because when you get older and after having kids the elasticity will leave and you will wish for it back. So, I was like oh it won't happen to me. Well, I am now 28 and I can see the difference in the bottom of my stomach, butt, and back of leg area not being as tight. I do the crunches, yoga and other shaping things like creams and well anything really. But, then I put on a dress that kind of hugs or those jeans/pants and then I can see the not so tight areas. So, having the chance to review the Vedette Shapewear I knew it was going to be a blessing to my body and these clothes that I wear that are a little more fitting. 

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