Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is that time of the year that we can let those men in our lives know how much they are loved! I have had several men in my lives that have molded me into the person that I am today. The first man we love in our lives is our father, then grandfather, and then we fall in love with our hubby's some cases it can be different though. But, this is how it was in my life.
My hubby Bucket real name George, whom I have been with for over 5 years and have had an amazing life with since. He is an amazing provider he may be gone for 30 days at a time but he does it for the family because he loves us so much. We have been though so much together and it has made us stronger. He has been an amazing father to our son and the best step dad my daughter could ask for. He treats the kids equally which was a very important thing for me and I am so blessed he does just that. We have the same goals, dreams, and desires. I couldn't ask for a better hubby or father for my our kids!
My father Jerry oh is funny, goofy and care free! He was always an amazing provider for my mom, my brother and me. He worked really hard and still does to this day. As you can tell he don't care to wear a kids hard hat for the camera like a grandpa and have a huge smile on while doing so. My kids have always loved him to death! No, matter my decisions in life he has always been there and I will always be blessed that I have the dad that I have!
Oh my grandpa I am sure seeing his picture and writing about him will bring tears to my eyes as always. My grandpa was such an amazing man, didn't laugh much but oh when he did he giggled. He always worked in the garden or in his garage, but always made time for his kids and grand kids. Yes, that is me when I was very young sitting on my papaw's lap. I remember square dancing with my him every Sunday night and the vacations to the Smokies were such amazing times. I was so happy when I got pregnant with my little girl so that he could be a great grandpa again just this time to my kids because I wanted them to love him as much as I did. But, when I was 4 month's pregnant he passed away and it broke my heart, and it has been 8 years and I still cry. I am so happy that I had an amazing papaw in my life!

Happy Father's Day to the men that have been in my life and made me the person I am today. Plus, thanks for the many memories!

Nalgene Reusable Drinking Bottle's Review

I am here again with another great product that saves you money and also is convenient and well pretty cool too. As you all know by now I love to bring you reviews on products like this I mean who doesn't want to save money and the earth at the same time. Nalgene makes reusable drinking bottles and they offer a huge selection of styles, colors and they are some are pretty versatile as well.

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Nature Crops Review

Are you all ready for another great nutrition bar that is a of it's own with it's main ingredient that is used in all three bars? They are super delicious and then they are nutritious that makes a great combination for a snack or even breakfast. NatureCrops are Nutritional bar that are made into three different flavors. NatureCrops nutrition bars are made with organic quinoa and other natural ingredients, such as real fruit and almonds, . Also GLUTEN - FREE, Kosher, Halal and vegetarian. Their bars are a great source of protein and fiber, low in saturated fat, low sodium and NO TRANS FAT.