Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exederm Review

My little boy has had pretty sensitive skin since birth. He has a big problem with his legs and his arms getting really dry at times and depending on what we use can make it worse or better. There are a lot of little ones, even kids and adults that have skin issues and there skin is super sensitive. I had the chance to work with Exederm which allowed me to review several products.

Peeled Orgainc Snacks Review/Giveaway CLOSED

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I have brought you all several dried fruit snack review,s in the past. So, I am always happy to let my readers know about a new brand/product of dried fruit snacks. I had the opportunity to work with Peeled Organic Snacks which were to my surprise not hard at all and still were soft.

This week in the Sunday Paper there will be 2 inserts a Redplum and SmartSource. You can go here to see the complete list for what will be in each insert.

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Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TwoOfUs for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I have been married a little over 2 years but have been together for 5 1/2 years. Is our marriage fresh? Well, it seems to be for the most part with his job it can go both ways. Where he is gone for 30 days at a time and the only communication we have is by cell phone, our marriage turns into a very long distant relationship because sometimes he is over 1000 miles away from the home. Then he gets to come home for 15 days and we have to get back into a routine of being around each other and communicating in person again. It can be hard to find that where everything is so smooth but when it gets there it is great.

Everyone has some problems with relationships, it don't even have to be big it can be so little but it still drives them or you nuts. It can be anything from the way your better half dresses, money, goals, future, movies, really anything. Then when you have something that you want to talk to someone about you hate well I know I do, to talk to a family member or friend. Then it is hard for the person to really look at the whole situation or what you are wanting to talk about objectively.

With my husband and I we are just always trying to find ways to be the married couple that see's each other everyday again. Also, how not to mess with routines and and how to make it smooth. I know for me when he leaves I have to work at making my own routines that work for me being a single mom for a month. When I get into that routine my hubby comes home. Which is great but then it puts the whole family out of whack and we have to find away to get it smoothly ran again in the home. You would think after doing this for 3 years we would be used to it but to be honest you never get used to it.

So, you are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this? It is because there is this great site you must check out called They have so many tips on keeping your relationship fresh and I have found some really great information on the website already that I sure will come in handy. This is a great site for not only married couples but for people in all different sorts of stages in their relationship. What are some of your most common questions when it comes to keeping your relationship fresh?

You must check out the video on throwing a Conversation Party, this is a really neat idea. You can also like TwoOfUs on Facebook.

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