Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cravory Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#63 Gianna

Cookies I love to buy them from the store, bake them or now purchase them from a online store and have them delivered right to my door. Whether I am wanting a snack, watching tv's/movies or hanging on the computer a cookie is something that is easy and yummy to eat. I had the opportunity to review for the company The Cravory and their cookies are divine and so yummy. With so many flavors of cookies offered by The Cravory the only thing you will have trouble with is deciding what one is your favorite.

All Terrain Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#54 Madeline
I am bringing you a great all natural review of some amazing products. We all want to protect our kids from harsh chemicals that get applied to their skin from products whether it be creams, sprays, soaps what ever it may be. So, when I had the chance to review 2 products from All Terrain I was ready to try something that is all natural on my kids.

Salt Traders Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#54 Heather R
In our home we tend to make a lot of the same dinner dishes just because we really like them. We are always looking for ways to make the food a little different with flavor and just add that "something" that takes the dishes to the next level. I had the chance to work with Salt Traders on a review for one of their products. I reviewed the Didi Davis Food Salt Blend Collection.

About Salt Traders - Your Source & Guide to a World of Fine Taste: Salt Traders began with a fascination for specialty salts. Founders Rob Seideman and Kelly Hall owned the Cooking School of Aspen, which they opened in 1998. Their interest and education in the subject of specialty salts grew and they began offering a variety of salts and peppercorns at their school. Eventually, they focused all their energy on Salt Traders, educating chefs and the public on the benefits and vast array of sea salts available around the world. Rob and Kelly were central to the emergence of sea salt as a popular condiment and introduced it to home and restaurant kitchens across the country.

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