Sunday, May 1, 2011

Petz Bunnyz Bunch Nintendo DS Game Review

Ok, I know Easter is over but I do have this awesome review to bring to you about an amazing cute little game that my little girl has fallen in love with. She loves and her DSI so what better way to make a little girl happy but for her very own review on a item. I was sent the Petz Bunnyz Bunch Nintendo DS for review.

Girl Scout Trip and Litter Pick Up

My little girl is in Girl Scouts and she is a Daisy, a very proud Daisy. Well on Thursday they had the chance to go too the Fire Department for a trip and learn all about fires, firemen, fire trucks and ambulances. I also took my little boy along on the trip and he had a blast as well. Then after their trip to the Fire Station they then went to the elementary school to do litter pick up. I am so proud the girls learned the importance of what littering does and I feel that it was a great experience for them.

Just Natural Skin Care Products Review

On this Sunday afternoon when we are all relaxing I thought this would be the most perfect time to bring you a review on some skin care line products that is one of the pampering lines I have come across and I truly love the products so much. It is called Just Natural Organic Care and they offer so many products in their hair and skin lines, that just window internet shopping you will want to be pampered from these products.

About the company: They have searched for products that not only meet thier earth-friendly criteria, but also offer style, quality and value. Respect for people, community and cultures are also part of all that they do. Their products are made without harm to animals. Living more sustainable starts with just a few earth-conscious choices each day … it doesn't have to be sweeping lifestyle change.

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My Daughter Getting Her Photo's Done

So, my little girl Dominique Miss Thang just got her dance and tumbling picture's taken the other day. She hasn't gotten the pictures taken back yet but I did take some really cute pictures that I just have sure with you all.
 This is her dance recital outfit for tap and ballet.

This is her outfit for tumbling and I have to say out of three years having her in dance and tumbling this is by far my favorite outfit ever.

Jaws "Just Add Water System" Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#18 Mindi
I love to find cleaners for your house that are safe, money savings and reusable. I have tried some products in the past that were alright but didn't really make me want to purchase them again. When I had the chance to work with JAWS, I was happy to try a product I have heard other people talk about and to see first hand what others have been saying. I have to say these products are really impressive and get a A+ in cleaning my house.

About the company: JAWS International,Ltd. is a technology company committed to protecting the environment and making innovative products to that end. They created and market JAWS (Just Add Water System): a patented, truly ground-breaking cleaning system designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging used in conventional spray cleaning products by conserving the resources required to produce and ship them.  In fact, they founded their company on the principle “Stop Shipping Water…It’s the Right Thing to Do”.

Go Green Lunch Box Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#108 A .price

My kids take there food to school more then eat the school lunch. With lunch being $1.50 each and two kids that adds up pretty fast at the end of the month. So. my kids take there and with that I try to save as much money as I can by using reusable things like bags, cups and so one. When I had the opportunity to review a Go Green Lunch Box I was so happy with it having built in dividers and everything you need. My little girl got one for the review so it is pretty, pink and flowers on it. My little girl loves her new lunch box and well I do as well with saving money on food at school and then on baggies and juice boxes.

Some information about the company: In 2008, Go Green Lunch Box was founded simply out of "frustration." Packing two lunches everyday, Kim was appalled at the amount of waste generated by the packaging of single-serve items (sandwiches, juices, snacks, desserts, etc.). All of that – plastic baggies/wrap/cups, paper cartons/bags, cellophane bags – eventually wound up in our landfills. Upon reading a statistic about a typical American child generating 67 pounds of lunch packaging waste each school year, Kim knew she had to make some changes. After buying food containers and trying, unsuccessfully, to fit all the containers into the lunch boxes they already owned, resulting in either the lids or containers (or both!) not being brought back home from school, she decided to solve the problem . . . hence, Go Green Lunch Box!

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TruKid Skin Care Products Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#75 Mandy
Finding skin care products for my kids that are specially made for them are always a great thing. I would love to tell you about some amazing skin care products for kids that I reviewed and I think are great and well my kids do as well. Plus the colors and pumps are playful. TruKid is such an amazing all natural body care line for little ones that you will be very happy you are using these products on them.

About the company: They encourage kids to form healthy habits that last a lifetime. By combining all natural skincare with fun and education, TruKid cultivates a relationship between healthy habits and being a kid. In turn, their goal is that kids will grow up taking care of themselves, each other and their environment. From their Friendly Face Wash to their Silly Shampoo, families receive only the best in ingredients, attention and dedication to their well being.