Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vibrant Fitwear Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#16 Mindi

I love to look great while exercising whether I am at home or at a gym, plus being in something that lets you move great and feels great keeps you focused and energized. When I had the opportunity to review for Vibrant Fitwear I knew I was going to have something that made me feel good.  For my review I was sent Margarita Daisy pant which was very colorful which I like and I could pretty much go with any color of shirt that I wanted.
This is a  Best-seller from Margarita Activewear! Large half daisy on one leg; matching contrast colors on waistband. Light Green at waist and center of daisy; petals are Lavender, Light Orange, Red, Barbie Pink and Turquoise. I really loved how these Margarita pants fit and how I felt while wearing them. I loved how they hugged my body and really made my shape look great. I felt so good in them not only with how I looked but also the feel of the fabric was really nice when working out. The material isn't heavy, or thick in any way which is great when working out. These are valued at $89.95.

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