Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Have Winners!

A Lucky Horseshoe Wall Decal Winner is #61 Kat and she said:
"I follow GFC #2"
DeDa Studios Winner is #65 Karla and she said:
"I like de da on FaceBook"

Tazzini Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles Review/Giveaway CLOSED

With the cost of drinks at stores and then the plastic bottles to be thrown away we have really been turning around and learning to be green when drinking while we are out. Also, when you count in the sports activities, extracurricular activities, long trips and just simply shopping or going to see some family, stopping and buying something to drink can really add up some money. With stainless steel Reusable bottles you can really save money and the earth at the same time. So, when I had an opportunity to review a Tazzini Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle I was super excited.

Some information on Tazzini: 
Tazzini was created for so many reasons. When learned about the huge patches of plastic in nearly every waterway in the world, breaking down toxins into the food chain, a range of emotions was experienced. Sadness. Dismay. Anger. Grief. Determination and resolve.  Dismayed to learn that less than 1 in 10 disposable bottles is actually recycled, and that recycling is a less than perfect solution. They then learned that plastic toxins can leach into our food and drinks and cause major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and premature puberty. 

Fundex Games Review/Giveaway 4 Winners CLOSED

Mindi, JanetFaye, Emillie Rose, Dana West
Games, Games. Games what can I say but we are bug game players in our home. We love to play board, card, interactive, video and so much more. We play several games a week in our home and it is a great activities to do with your family at home and make so many memories. I still remember playing Monopoly with my mom all the time and we stayed up all night one night before we went to Kings Island just playing. Not sure why I remember that, I guess it was just one of those memories that stick with you. So, when I had the opportunity to review some games from Fundex Games everyone in the house was super excited.

A little bit about the company: Fundex Games, Ltd., was founded in 1986, and is a privately-held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company produces a wide range of board games, dice games and card games, including award-winning Alfredo’s Food Fight™, Monster Under My Bed™, Highrise™ and top-seller, Phase 10®, for mass and specialty retailers in North America. Fundex also has a line of outdoor products including Recreaction Games and swimming pool games.

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