Saturday, April 16, 2011

Space Race "Tomoson" Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#24 lilyk

So, my kids love space well my little girl more she thinks it is the coolest thing ever. She has a telescope her room that she looks out the window almost every night that it is clear to look at the moon and the stars. Also, right now she is in the process of learning what planets there are and about those planets. So, when I had the opportunity to review a poster of Space Race I was super excited for my little girl because I just knew she was going to love this so much. The poster is really helping in her learn about the planets and other things plus the poster along side the website is great information for a learning kid for the outer space.

Space Race launched as an animated web series focusing on space education, space travel and racing, with the goal of teaching children about space and the solar system. Space Race features eight characters, each in spaceship form, as they race through space, merging unique comic relief with breathtaking excitement and adventure.

Licorice International Reivew

There is such a huge sweet tooth in our home with all of us loving candy, cakes well anything that is good and sweet. So, when I had the opportunity to review some flavors of licorice from Licorice International I was so happy and ready to eat it all up. It has actually been a while since I had even at licorice but I knew I was going to love it well for one main fact there are so many flavors to choose from. I mean there is such a huge collection you will find what you are looking for to make that sweet tooth happy. Licorice International offers nearly 160 types of licorice from 14 countries. 

We Have A Winner!

PackIt Freeze Plus+Go Winner is #70 thatlittlehouse and she said:
"I would choose the gidget!"

We Have A Winner!

Baby Rock Apparel Winner is #96 hippiechickmom and she said:
"I like the Lock Up Your Daughters giftset...our boy will be here in August"
First winner did not confirm so this was the new winner, it is almost like a baby shower gift.

Suuthe Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#25 BethElderton
I am always on the lookout for great skin care lines for myself and my family. Plus, when you find one that is safe to be used on little ones that is a big thing for me. That is why I am so happy to tell you about a great skin care line that I had the opportunity to review, it is called Suuthe.

A little information on the company Suuthe: Suuthe by Mari is a mother-inspired line of skin products that nourishes and repairs damaged skin. Born from a mother’s need to help repair and relieve her baby’s skin conditions such as eczema, Suuthe skin products are made from high-quality natural and organic, food-grade ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to provide fast, effective, natural relief for sensitive and damaged skin. Their mission is to provide our customers with fast, effective, natural relief from skin conditions.

Giveaway Ending Tomorrow!

DeDa Studios
Giveaway ends tomorrow at 10pm EST.
You can go here and enter to win.

Snorg Tee Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#10 Misty
My hubby and I love weird, funny, just crazy shirts. So, when I had the opportunity to review a shirt from Snorg Tees hubby kind-of toke over on this review since he found a shirt he just had to have. Hubby choose the Life of the Party Since 1985 with well of course the 1up mushroom from one of my favorite video games of all time Mario. The shirt is a Navy Blue and fit perfectly. Also, the shirt is super soft and comfy which these are my hubby's words. Also, what I noticed was there was no shrinking with the washing or drying of the shirt. Plus, a very important thing the image on the front did not crack or fade. I don't have a picture of the shirt on my hubby since I had to ship the shirt to him after I received it to get his thoughts. He is on a boat on the river hundreds of miles away from me right now. But, this is what is one the front of the shirt.

Sunday Paper Preview!

There are 3 inserts this week in the Sunday Paper. There is a RedPlum and 2 SmartSources. So there are going to be some really good coupons this weeks. You can go here and look at all the coupons that there will be in tomorrow's paper.

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