Monday, April 11, 2011

Yumnuts Naturals Review/Giveaway CLOSED

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I am now going nuts for Yumnuts! I have never tried cashews before until trying Yumnuts and I have to say I actually like them a lot well at least I really like these ones. I had a opportunity to do a very yummy review on three different flavors of Yumnuts and they all exceeded my expectations given the fact of never trying cashews before.

A little about the company: Yumnuts was launched in Norwalk, CT in 2009 by friends and co-founders Mike Cochrane, Tyler Ricks and Jerome Metivier. They created Flavor Roasted Cashews. Flavor Roasting is their proprietary way of roasting the nut to ensure it is the lightest, crunchiest, most delicious nut on the market. Nuts are nature's perfect source of sustained energy. They contain the protein, minerals and smart fats that give us the long-term energy to perform at our best. Cashews are consistently rated as America's Favorite Nut and the crown for lowest calorie and lowest fat nut. Yumnuts are lightly roasted at low temperatures to ensure the integrity of the nut. In addition, their Flavor Roasting method lowers the moisture in the nut making Yumnuts lighter, crisper, crunchier and better-for-you than the average nut. 

Supreme Protein Bars Review

I hubby loves to eat Protein Bars with him and his working out he makes them part of his snack each day. He is not by any means a muscle builder but he does work out pretty regular and has a good build. So, when we had the opportunity to review some bars from Supreme Protein he was really happy to see if he had a new favorite.

Delicious, nutritious and convenient, Supreme Protein just might be the ultimate functional food. Each sensational flavor is nutritionally designed to significantly impact your physique-enhancing goals. From its premium-quality protein blend powered by ultra-pure whey isolate as its primary source to the truly amazing taste.

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191 Kids Clothes Review

Clothes for my kids is one of those things I splurge on a lot. So, when I had the opportunity to review 2 shirts for my little boy from 191 Kids I was so excited. The clothes are made really well and the really good material. Plus, a great thing they are very much in style.

About the Company: 191kids was created in 2008 by Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani.  After successfully launching their mens line with just $191, the two best friends decided to offer their stylish shirts for boys as well. The inspiration for the line was simple:  fans of 191 Unlimited repeatedley had been asking for the shirts to be made in boys sizes.  Sharma and Karnani decided to give it a shot and it worked!  The 191kids line debuted in Nordstrom in the Fall of 2008 and has since gained much esteem in the world of boys clothing.

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