Tuesday, February 8, 2011

$10.00 Off Bambi Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

Grab your old Bambi VHS or DVD and enter the UPC code at Disney Movie Rewards to grab a
$10.00 off Coupon for the Bambi Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack that will be released on March 1st.
I have already did this I would love to have this on Blu-Ray for the kids! 
This is going to make a great Easter gift for my little girl who just loves this movie.

New Disney Movie Rewards Points

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My children's favorite meal!

Okay, so today's Blog Dare post is "What is your child's favorite meal". I wish I had been home today to make this and take pictures. But, I will do it tomorrow and make a 2nd post to this post with pictures. Let me just say you will want to see the pictures because it is something very unusual.

My kids and well me too our favorite food is fried noddles with ketchup. I know right now you are thinking what in the world is that. Well, I grew up eating this and my mom grew up eating this and so did my grandma. So, I guess you could say it is just a simple meal that has been in the family for a really long time. Ok, now talking about it is making me hungry lol! 

So, I will explain how to cook and make this simple little meal and then there will be pictures tomorrow. First you cook elbow noodles like normal and drain them. In a frying pan you will want to put some oil or crisco or pam whatever you choose to use. You just don't want them to stick to the bottom. Put the noodles in the pan on medium to low heat with us a lot of salt and pepper. But, it depends on how much you want to taste. Fry for a little bit, around 5 minutes you don't want them to get hard or anything just a little crisp. 

After they are done you put them on a bowl or plate and put ketchup on them how ever much you want is up to you. We eat a lot but we also really like ketchup. 

You can do a lot with this if you wanted to put spices, vegetables, or even meat and make up a sauce you could. Just frying the noodles gives them this taste that is really good. My kids could live on this if I would let them. 

So, be ready I will have pictures for this and it will seem better and look tasty!