Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Would I Tell My Younger Self

Today's Prompt from Blog Dare is " What I Would I Tell My Younger Self ". OK, so I know we all have said more times than we can count if only I had known, or if I could go back something along those lines. Sometimes it is something little like oh I wish I had not got my hair cut like that. Oh yes there are haircuts I wish I had not gotten. Clothes I wish I had not worn well you get the idea.

My big thing I would love to tell the younger me is don't get married. Ok now I am so happily married to my hubby I am talking about my first marriage. When I was 17 I met my first husband at the great Burger King you all know that place right lol. Anyways we started off as friends but within a few months we were dating. He was only 2 years older then me so age wasn't an issue. 

Well anyways, we dated for a few months and he popped the question. Oh yes and me being a teenage thinking I was an adult which I wasn't said yes. Now I didn't want to get married until after school. I was just wanting to move in together after graduation and we were going to save up money for a wedding. 

Well that didn't happen we were married within a month because my family was so upset about me thinking about moving in with someone before marriage. So, I was married the day after I turned 18 yes ladies I was still in school and I graduated with a 3.8 while living in my own house. 

So it all was good because we were young and having fun. As time went we had our first daughter when I was 21 which oh she is such an amazing little girl. We were already having major issues which ended in a marriage when our little girl was 2. So I was married to my first husband for 5 years. 

I think what happened was I did love him as a child but as a adult I realized I didn't love him. I know now that I was way way way to young to make a decision to get married. When we first was married we wanted all the same things but as we got older I grew up and he grew and we didn't want the same things in life. How to raise a child, how much should our parent's be involved, just life in general.

I can say it was a mistake to be married to my first husband but I did recieve such an amazing gift from the marriage. My daughter Dominique the miss thang.

So, what I would tell my younger self is don't get married while in school. Just enjoy yourself take the summer off and go too college. Because what you want in high school isn't always what you want when you grow up.

Blog Hopping Tuesday!

Who is ready for it? I sure am. I love to blog hop. I love finding new blogs to follow and see all the different things people have to talk about. I also love to gain new followers myself. So here is the blog hop I am attending. Now as the day goes I may find more and I will just update this post as time goes. Have Fun everyone!

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