Sunday, January 30, 2011

Italian Meat Ball Sauce Recipe!

I have this amazing recipe Italian Meat Ball Sauce. It has been in my family for several years. It came from my grandmother, but I am not sure where she got it from. I am hoping you all love it as much as family has. There is a pretty good amount of products, but most of this stuff you should already have at home.
(2) can's tomato paste
(2) can's of water
(1) can tomato sauce
(6) drops of hot sauce
(1) small onion
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
salt and pepper to taste

Meat Balls:
(2) lbs. ground beef
1 1/2 cups of bread crumbs
(1) egg
1/2 tsp. salt

~cook for 1 - 2 hours

I always get the sauce started before I start on the meat balls, that way as they are being cooked I am putting them into the sauce. I also use minced onions instead of a real onion since the kids won't eat onions. It tastes just as good to me. I also always double my sauce batch also but you don't have too.

After that I then mix up my meatballs. I don't buy bread crumbs I just make my own. I just toast up 3 slices of bread like you would for breakfast then put them in the mini chopper and like magic I have my own bread crumbs. But, you can just buy them if you want.

I use a really little ice cream scoop that way all my meatballs are the same size that way cooking time is the same on them. I also roll them around in flower before cooking them. Then I fry them up to cook them, drain them and into the sauce they go.

I usually let them cook for around an hour before I start my water for the pasta. That way the meatballs can cook in the sauce and soak up the taste really good. 
 This is my finished project and oh boy was it tasty. Ok, so one of the reason's I cook a double batch of sauce, is that way I have a lot left over. I then put  1 1/2 cups of sauce and meatballs into freezer bags and put them into the freezer. They stay good for 3 months like this. So nights that I don't feel like cooking and even for lunch. All I do is sit it out and let it thaw and heat up some pasta. Then I have my homemade dinner and I saved a lot of money in the process.

All New Giveaway Linky's Tab

The last few days have been pretty crazy but while in the middle of all of that I did get something done on here. I finally sit down and went through who all I link my giveaway's on to promote it. I made a Giveaway Linky's tab which is up top and it has all the people's blogs I have been to that have a giveaway linky. Now I may have messed a few but as I go I will get them added too! Another thing if any of you have a blog and it has weekly giveaway linky please let me know and I would be more than happy to add it for you.