Saturday, January 29, 2011

Such a busy Saturday

First off I have such a busy weekend ahead of me starting with today Saturday. It is crazy to me that even with being a stay at home mom, life is still so super busy. I am not sure how to get everything done by Monday but the SUPER MOM in me better come out! So I woke up today realizing my hubby is coming home Wednesday morning around 3am. Hubby works on the river as a tow-boater so he is gone for 30 days at a time. I sure don't want him to come home right now and see the house if you know what I mean. The house is a little crazy with the kids being home all the time due to a none stop snow days, which is starting to get old. My house looks like a tornado went through it literally, well maybe not that bad but close enough lol! So I guess I do need to get some stuff done. Lets see where to start I have done a little bit so far but not much. I need to do:
  • ~(2) bathrooms: tubs, toilets, sinks and floors and I hate doing bath rooms.
  • ~(2) kids rooms beds, pick up, dusting and sweeping which their rooms are crazy right now.
  • ~ Kitchen floor, wash dishes since I am the dish washer, and counters 
  • ~ Living Room pick up which isn't to bad, dusting, and the lovely floors which take forever since they are hard wood I have to sweep then  polish which takes forever.
  • ~ my bedroom which is a total mess since this is more of a storage room then a bedroom. I have everything to do with ebay and blogging and alot of other things in here. So to get it clean is like the worst thing to do. I have to do the bed, clean off the desk which OMG is all I can say. Dust and sweep. 
  • ~ Laundry which I am happy to say I only have like3 loads which is making me happy!
  • ~ Clean the office which takes me 20 minutes to get there clean which takes like 2 hours then drive back home for 20 minutes.
 I can't forget I need to do some things here on the computer. I need to do a review/giveaway. I also need to do some of my fav things like hopping! I also need to try to catch up on my sweepstakes and instant win games since I haven't done any for a week. I have gotten a little behind.

I am also going to make homemade Italian Meat Ball Sauce and Speg. for dinner and put the recipe on here which I am sure you all will love. The rest of my meals for the next couple of days will be me eating while doing things. I just really hate to spend all my time doing this when my hubby is home I would so much rather spend time with him then deep cleaning.

I just remembered, sometime next week I need to start putting things on ebay again.

Sunday Paper Preview for 1-30-11

So, this weeks Sunday paper is filled with tons and tons of coupons. 
I am really happy about all the coupons that there are.
There are 4 inserts which is great because you can only imagine all the coupons.
There 4 inserts are: Smartsource, P&G, RedPlum 1, RedPlum 2
There are so many great coupons that can be used at CVS!
I think I am going to learn how to coupon at another store now that I 
have CVS down pat for the most part.
I guess I could learn about Krogers since there is no Target around here.
You can go here and look at all the coupons!