Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My little boy loves Chocolate syrup!

So not sure how my little boy did this today but he got Chocolate syrup all over hime. 
I mean I know he wanted chocolate milk but he went a little crazy. 
I am thinking he held it over his head and the lid wasn't on and it just went everywhere.
Moments like this is just so great lol!

CVS trip Jan. 19th

Today I went to CVS and I did really good. 
Ok let me just start off by saying I love how CVS for 2 weeks in a row
have had such great deals when it comes to pop and chips. 

*I got 2 mountain dew 12 pks and 1 pepies 12 pk which was 3/$10.
*Then chips was 2/$5, so I got 4 bags who doesn't want some junk food.
 If you spent $20. in these products you got $10. back.
*Then I got 2 Listerine mouth washes they were $3.79, then you got $1. back.
 You could do this deal 2 times so I did since my hubby loves Listerine.
*The Tom's of Maine tooth paste was $3.99 and you got $3. back.
 You could then do this deal 2 times also which I was happy about I love that tooth paste.

I already had 22.00 from last week and NO coupons.
Full total was $54.59 and that was before sales and everything.
After I had everything taken off I payed $14.87.
I like to do better then this but I couldn't pass up the pop and chips.
Now I have $18. for next week.

Justice code 40% off

I got in the mail from Justice a 40% code of entire purchase.
One for me and one for my friends.
Since all of you are my lovelies I though of all of you.
This code is good until Jan. 24, 2011. The code is 378.
I hope you all enjoy this I know I sure am.
Don't forget if you have a ebates account make sure you 
order through them so you can get 4.0% back on your order.
If you don't have a ebates account you can sign up here.

AHCC & Ocean Family of Products Review/Giveaway

I was presented with 3 great products from The Ocean Family of Products.With my kids and me we always have super dry noses due to all the seasonal allergies in our area. We are always looking for a relief from the dryness and Ocean has helped us so much.

The first item I tried was the Complete Sinus Irrigation. Which is a 6fl. oz. canister with 2 interchangeable actuator tips. The white tip is for spray moisturizing and the orange is for stream irrigation. There is also a wide adapter for nasel irrigation included. I was a little skeptical at first when I opened the box due to me not being able to use a Neti Pot at all. I read the instructions and it seemed so much easier due to the fact that it had step by step instuctions and I didn't have to tilt my head at all and no mess. Which is another great thing I loved no mixing and no clean up. There are so many things this product helps with: relieve allergy, cold & flu symptoms, help relieve congestion, return moisture, reduce nosebleeds which we have alot of, moisturize and irrigate membranes which is after you may have a surgery, relieve dryness, and general moisturizing. I have quite a bit of these issues which it has helped with.

The next item was Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray  I have used this bottle of Saline so much already. With it being winter I seem to wake up a lot with a dry nose not being able to breath right. After using this on one use it instantly soothed my relief to were I could breath and go back to sleep with no problems. One really nice feature is that it delivers saline 3 different ways with the same bottle just by holding it a different way each time. You can hold it upright and it turns into a fine mist, horizontally it is a stream and upside down it will do tiny drops. Which is nice with this product being safe enough for children. The Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray helps with general moisturizing, relieve allergy, cold & flu symptoms, relieve congestion, return moisture, reduce nosebleeds, moisturize and irrigate membranes, and  relieve dryness associated with oxygen treatments.

The last product I was presented with from them was Ocean for Kids. I will start off saying I absolutely love this product for my kids. Both of my little ones have dry and often bleeding noses from the climate here and due to allergies and sinus problems. This product is also for infants which is a huge plus to mommies everywhere out there. Where it is non-medicated you do not have to worry about any side effects.This product helps with all the same things the other products helps with. This is also safe to use several times a day which has had to done in our home already.

You can go here and read all the info they have and they also have a store located which you can find out if there are stores around you area that sells the items. Another amazing thing on there site is you can check the allergy levels and cold and flu levels in your areas. You can also show some love by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

I was also presented with Kinoko AHCC which my hubby decided he would test this product.With his job he works on the river for 30 days straight with no way to get off the boat and go anywhere all he see's is the rivers and no land pretty much. So he can't afford to get sick so he was more then happy to test AHCC. AHCC is a patented extract of hybridized medicinal mushrooms that are designed to significantly improve immune response by enhancing the function of DC cells, NK cells, T-cells, Cytokines and Macrophages. AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound which is one of the worlds most researched natural immunomodulators. Which means it helps with  boosting your immune system to help you defeat or prevent colds. AHCC is a product of Japan and is now used in over 1000 clincis worldwide.

AHCC is supported by over 80 research studies. Research has been conducted on AHCC at reputable colleges in the US such as Harvard and Yale.One study of 269 participants showed that AHCC can incerase the number or activity of :
  • Natural Killer (NK) cells, the body's first line of defense
  • Dendritic cells which initiate adaptive immune response
  • T-cells, which provide backup to NK cells
  • Macrophages, which can clean up cellular debris
  • Cytokines, which activate the immune system

You can read what other research is being done on AHCC to help with  various health conditions and disease at  AHCC Research Association. Suggested use of AHCC is to take 4-12 capsules daily before meals.

My hubby started taking AHCC as soon as we got it. He had already been a little sick from being at work for 30 days. He seems to catch a lot due to being worn down physically.  He jumped right in there, he took 8  a day. 4 before breakfast and 4 before dinner. Within a few days he was feeling so much better. He and I both were in shock at how fast it worked and how he was back to normal. He has told me this has to be one of the things we keep in his medicine bag that he takes to work for now on. I think everyone should at least try AHCC once so you too can see how it works.

One Lucky Winner will receive everything that I received shown in this picture:
  • AHCC $59.49
  • Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray $4.79
  • Ocean for Kids $5.29
  • Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation $14.99
For a total of $84.56

 All you have to do is the Mandatory entry and the extra entries it is all up to you. Keep in mind the mandatory entry does have to be done before all else. Also with all entries please leave your email so I will be able to notify you if you win.

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