Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New boys line from Justice

I was so excited to hear about Justice finally coming out with a boys line. I have always wanted a boys line from them. My little girl just loves their clothes and honestly so do I. They are just way to cute and if I was a little girl I would so want to wear the clothes too!
The boys line is called Brothers the Endless Adventure. I can't wait to see the clothes and buy some for my little boy. Clothing line will start in Spring 2011 and you will only be able to find the clothes online not in a store. That doesn't bother me to much since I do all of my shopping online anyways. I do hope if you need to do an exchange they will do it at a Justice store to make things easier.

They do have a video to watch a little bit to do with the line but it doesn't give to much insight what the clothes will be like.