Holiday Gift Guide 2011: StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors 'Kids Book' Review

Friday, December 2, 2011

My kids love to read books, in fact they read books all the time. My kids have a book shelf full of all sorts of books. Our selection offers a variety of books for what ever they are in the mood to read. When StinkyKids sent me their book ' StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors'  I knew this story and the characters would be a hit with my kids. I couldn't help but enjoy the book as well.

About the Author: From the creative mind of Britt Menzies, a mom who was inspired by her daughter's simple request to paint her as a ballerina, StinkyKids is a brand with a fun, unique and fresh approach that teaches life lessons through itd products and books featuring the 10 diverse StinkyKids cahracters. The name "'StinkyKids" comes from the phrase "little stinKers", which Britt used to describe the innocent behavior of her two kids when they were little.

The StinkyKids characters are little stinKers who learn to make right choices through their childhood mistakes and who live by the motto "Always Be A Leader Of Good'. StinkyKids is an innovative brand that appeals to parents for the values it represents and appeals to kids because the characters are real kids getting into real mischief.

Meet the StinkyKids, a diverse group of 10 “little stinKers,” each with their own unique qualities. The StinkyKids series helps children learn to make right choices and reminds them to “Always Be A Leader Of Good.” Their heartwarming, funny and real–life adventures capture the true innocence of childhood and the lessons we learned through our mistakes—when we were just StinkyKids ourselves.

Saturday was Britt’s favorite day. It was the day Britt had a playdate with her friends Hannah, Max and Julie. But this Saturday Britt had a secret. A secret she didn’t want to tell her mommy and daddy. A secret that could stop her favorite playdate from happening!

The “little stinKers” try their best to help Britt with her secret. Along the way, they learn that sometimes secrets need a parent’s help to solve.

This book is immediately showcased by an eyecatching art style that deserves praise before the first page is turned. The round and colorful characters, the "StinkyKids", seem to swoon around the pages in a fun and carefree manner, brought to life by the detail in the pictures and words.

The book I was sent introduces the StinkyKids to us through a story that, although you may not have read this particular book, you have probably experienced growing up. One of the StinkyKids has a playdate with the rest of the StinkyKid gang but is worried about a problem. As it turns out, that problem is the classic "I got gum in my hair!". Fortunately, the other StinkyKids have chosen to open a "Haircut Shop" before they ever knew about the gum, and they know just what to do, or do they?

I'm not going to spell out the entire story, as it should be experienced with the illustrations in proper book form. The story is simple but appealing, especially to children. It is well written and might just help kids learn all of the life lessons involved with getting gum in their hair, without actually having to experience it.

The book is structured very well. Someone took a lot of time making sure everything was laid out perfectly. The pages feel a little stronger than most other children's books, and the cover-sleeve is shiny and smooth. On the back, there is an introduction to the story, the first page has a paragraph and illustration for each separate StinkyKid character.

It is obvious that this book is the product of hard work and effort. In that, it is a success and should be purchased and enjoyed as such. It is sort of like a modern classic and will fit perfectly into the catalog of children books that will go down in history as silent inspirations of our kids imaginations.

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Where to purchase: You area able to purchase the book StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors on and Amazon .

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