Thursday, November 3, 2011

About **********We believe beauty isn’t just some “skin deep” or vapid concept. It’s quite the contrary. You’re hardwired to recognize beauty because it reflects inner health: Sleep better and you’ll have fewer wrinkles, eat healthier and your skin will be clearer, de-stress and you’ll get less grays. There’s real science behind beauty.

We want to bring this science to you, so we founded Here, we’ve made science personalized, accessible and—as is the You Docs way—actually fun. We arm you with proven tools to measure and improve your inner and outer beauty.

We’re not doing it alone; we’ve recruited the best in science, beauty and fitness to replace myths with proven facts and quantitative measurements.

The end goal: Achieving your true potential. You’ll be amazed at your results!**********

Body Type Quiz: What does your body of evidence mean?

What made Marilyn Monroe so alluring? While you may say it was her tousled blond locks or pouty red lips, science stacks it up to her curvaceous, hourglass body shape. Your body shape acts as an unconscious cue to others, signaling health, fitness and fertility levels.

Take this quiz to determine your contours. You'll get specific health, eating and exercise advice, plus fashion tips to flatter your figure.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my results and want to check this out for yourself. There are a ton of quizzes you can take that has to do with face, beauty, stress and so much more. Plus, it is really interesting to find out how you are and get some tips.

Your body shape is ruler. 
Your body type is ectomorph.

~Your Shape: You have an angular build with broad shoulders, a straight torso, and hips with a hint of curve. 

~Your Health: You gain weight evenly. The upside: You don't store too much fat in your waistline, a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. However, ample fat stores in the hips help keep the arteries in shape, and yours tend to be low, so stay healthy with fitness and nutrition.

~Your Beauty: Sought-after bodies of the 1950s were ultra curvy, but since then, "attractive" figures have been getting straighter because of fitness trends that champion yogi bodies like Madonna's. When you're fit and confident, your body shape will shine. Learn about body shape and attraction. 

~Fashion Tip: Add structure: Your body can appear boxy or boyish. Add contrast with clothes that have soft, feminine lines. Go for ruffles, draped cowl necks, and shirts with rounded hemlines. This summer, pair a relaxed boyfriend jean with a lightweight top that has drape and movement. 

~Ectomorph: You have long, lean limbs and muscles, and don’t store much excess fat. Skinny-winnies like you may get lax about your health because TV time and donuts don’t show up on your waistline. That’s no excuse: Physical activity and proper nutrition matter, even for you!

~Nutrition Tip: Snack frequently; You burn fat easily, so fuel your metabolism with frequent (healthy!) snacks. Go for high-nutrient options like apples with peanut butter, low fat yogurt with no added sugar or syrup, or cottage cheese with fresh-cut melon. Complex carbs, like oatmeal or whole grain breads, will also give you long-lasting energy. 

~Exercise Tip: High-intensity, short workouts; Focus on adding muscle tone to give your body more shape. Aim for high-intensity interval training, alternating sprints with one-minute walks, for about twenty minutes. Pair that with strength training exercises, like walking lunges or squats. You won’t bulk up, so don’t be shy about doing full-body strength training.

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