Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Nostalgia Electrics 'Hot Air Popcorn Party Kit' Review/Giveaway

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My family and I can't help it but when we are playing games, doing crafts, playing video games, or watching movies, we are always eating popcorn. It is one of those things that is so tasty and easy to make. Usually, I just pop a bag into the microwave and well that is pretty much it. Of course, microwave popcorn just isn't as good as air popped popcorn. You know the popcorn you get from the movie theater and before you know it you have ate the whole tub. When, Nostalgia Electrics offered to send me a Hot Air Popcorn Party Kit, I knew my family was going to be in for a treat.

About the company: At the Nostalgia Products Group, LLC. we design, manufacture and market the Nostalgia Electrics brand of small electric appliances. Our wide range of innovative products our developed to excite consumers and retailers alike. We sell through all major channels of distribution from both within the United States and worldwide. Our retail and e-retail sales include all major retail chains, home shopping-type networks, and e-commerce companies. Internationally, our products carry the GS and SSA electrical approvals. We ship to over 30 countries worldwide.
Nostalgia Products offers products to help with what ever fun activites that your family, church, school or business may be having. There are several different sizes and styles available in popcorn makers. There are also different Choclate Fondue Fountains available. These are great for dinner parties and weddings. 

There are several different items in the fun entertaining section as well. Here you can find griddles, micorwave ovens, toasters, and other items. Then if you are need of a ice maker, margarator maker or my most favorite which I would love to have a slush maker. I really have to get me one of these. 

The last section of products they are are for the fun foods. Not sure what else you could call the food but fun. There are cotton cany machines, hot dog roller, snow cone makers, donut maker, and so so much more.

This Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker pops up to 8 cups of healthy, oil-free popcorn per batch. It includes a Kernel Cap for popcorn kernels, so every batch pops perfectly. The clear Top Housing allows you to watch fresh and delicious popcorn overflow into a bowl below. The kit includes a spray bottle and seasoning shaker that you can use to flavor your freshly popped corn. Serve popcorn to guests with the decorative popcorn boxes. With the Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker Kit, popcorn has never tasted so good at home!
I love everything about the Hot Air Popcorn Party Kit, it is prefect for our family times when we want to eat popcorn. The tin box is perfectly sized to hold everything in it, great for storage and it is really cute. This also helps with being able to keep all of the items in one place, which means you aren't losing anything. Which for me is something that happens in our home. 

The popcorn maker is not overly huge, allowing you to keep it on the counter if you would like for looks. I also love that this set came with a shaker, spray bottle, and popcorn boxes. This is a complete set to make a very fun family night together. 

Everything comes apart with ease on the popcorn maker, allowing you to easily clean everything. The top white lid has a texture lining in it to a certain fill point. This is for adding your kernels, once the textured area is full that is the correct amount to use. This helps in not having to find a measuring cup and also it is already per-mearsured perfectly for the machine. 

The Hot Air Popcorn Party Kit has given our family much taster popcorn to eat which has made us much happier!
Where to purchase: You are able to go to the Nostalgia Electrics website and then go to the 'Where To Buy' tab. There is a list of online retailers and local retailers in your area.

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