Holiday Gift Guide 2011: GoodLight Natural Candles Review/Giveaway

Saturday, November 19, 2011

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love candles. Candles can add so much to a room and your mood. They come in all sorts of shapes, styles and colors. Some even smell good. But, the problem with most candles is that they don't burn even, are way to expensive, burn really fast, and are made with harsh chemicals. When I had the chance to review GoodLight Natural Candles, I was really excited to try some candles that were made with no chemicals and could last a really long time.
About the company: NaturalCandles is the online home of GoodLight Natural Candles. GoodLight has a simple mission, to provide businesses and consumers with non-toxic, paraffin-free utility candles at affordable prices. They offer unscented, white votive candles, tea-light candles, taper candles, pillar candles and candle holders at bulk prices. The candles are all made from 100% sustainably farmed palm wax. Simply put, GoodLight are the least expensive, paraffin-free natural candles on the market  by far. GoodLight Natural Candles provides volume discounts on all of our candles to: restaurants, bars, churches, yoga studios, spas as well as wedding and event planners. 

There are several different styles and sizes available. All of which also comes in different package sizes. There are Votive Candles, Tea Light Candles, Pillar Candles, and Taper Candles. There are also Candle Holders available.
You can now breathe a little easier with our paraffin-free votive. This classic utility candle is made from 100% palm wax and contains no additives. The wick is pure cotton and contains no lead or metal of any kind. Like any votive candle, ours is designed to melt and fill its holder with molten wax. Make sure to use a holder just wide enough to fit the votive. This votive will burn long and bright without harmful smoke or soot. Going green with candlelight just got affordable.
Finally…a non-toxic, paraffin-free tea light candle at ridiculously low prices. Our tea lights are made from 100% palm wax and pure cotton wicks, a combination that burns clean and bright. Lighting up a room with tea lights creates a warm and cozy atmosphere; now you can do it without the harmful fumes or nasty black soot associated with paraffin wax. Going green with candlelight just got affordable.

I was really surprised with the Votives, as they lasted for 15 hours. That is amazing! I use votive candles all the time but never have I had any that last more then a half of a day. Usually within a few hours it has melted and it needs to be thrown away. Before I even actually tested the votive candles I could tell I was going to love them. They have a much better quality look to them, then most votive candles I have had.

Tea Lights, are equally as great. I have these cute little candle holders that have designs cut out. These fit prefectly into the holders, I just love how the light flickers and dances though the holes and puts a pattern on the wall. With them lasting up to four hours it really allows me to enjoy the pretty images in the evening, without replacing the candles. 

 I love that there are no harmful chemicals used. This makes me really happy since I have kids, I want to make sure there aren't harmful chemicals being burned into the air that they are breathing. Both of the votive and the tea lights burn down evenly which is a huge plus for me. This lets me know that you really get a great product for your money. Since, you are using the whole candle and not putting half of it in the trash. These are prefect!

Where to purchase: You are able to make purchase from the GoodLight Natural Candles website. Prices will vary depending on what you purchase.

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  1. i learned that provide businesses and consumers with non-toxic, paraffin-free utility candles at affordable prices.


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