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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My kids love to use their imagination all of the time. One thing that they love to do is pretend that one is working on a cash register and the other one is shopping. The only problem is, they only have a typical toy cash register that lacks any kind of real features. I am a mom that loves educational games and toys, I encourage my kids to play them. As their mom, I get the benefit of watching them learn and being preoccupied at the same time. When I was given the chance to review an item from HearthSong I was super excited at the selection that they are offering on their site. One of which was an amazing Teaching Cash Register, which I knew would be a hit with my kids.

About the company:**********HearthSong has been committed to helping parents follow their instincts to provide their children with age-appropriate, wholesome, quality playthings since 1983. That's because at HearthSong, they believe childhood is a vital chapter in life-a special time when children can be occupied with the joy of being children. And, equally importantly, a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life's first lessons through play.

The name HearthSong was chosen to reflect core family values - the Hearth, a traditional symbol for the center of the home, and Song, a symbol of family spirit and of a special playfulness that parents and children enjoy together.

Over the next 25 years, HearthSong evolved into a nationally known and respected source for quality children's toys, games and crafts. Parents who found unique toys for their children decades ago tell us they're now thrilled to be finding the same kinds of educational, entertaining toys to give to their children's children.**********

HearthSong offers a variety of products for boys and girls of all sorts of ages. They offer toys, outdoor active items, imaginative play, games and puzzles. When shopping you are able to narrow you search several different ways simply by choosing the toys or games you are wanting, arts & interests, your kids style, and shopping by age.
Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register $54.98: Is perfect for pretend stores and so much more. It features a built-in scanner, scale, and coin slot. It offers four engaging games and even rewards transactions with lights, sounds, and voice messages. The cash register includes 20 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, a pretend credit card, and a coupon card. In addition to encouraging imaginative play, the Teaching Cash Register is a great tool for teaching kids at home or in the classroom about coin recognition, addition, subtraction, and place value. It prolongs battery life with an automatic shut-off feature. For ages 3 and up.

• Features a built-in scanner, scale, and coin slot
• Rewards transactions with lights, sounds, and voice messages
• Includes actual-size pretend bills, plastic coins, a pretend credit card, and a coupon card
• Automatic shut-off feature

When I received the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register, I knew right away, simply by the package, that my kids were going to go crazy. I decided to set it all up and have it ready for them when they got home from school. Within a few moments of them getting home they realized what was on the table, the excitement took over. Dominique decided to shop while Conner was the person working on the cash register. I swear they played for a really long time and since receiving it, have played with it over and over again.

My kids really loved the scanner plus the scale, which really works. There was also a coin slot which the kids really found interesting. As a mom, I love that there are four different and engaging games that can be played with the register. The games have rewards when they get things right or do a good job, which includes lights, sounds and also actual voice messages. The cash register comes with everything my kids would need to play; pretend money, coins and even a credit card.

The Teaching Cash Register offers a very interactive tool which helps your kids learn how to count money by adding or subtracting. This is a great way to teach kids to learn about money. Also for moms like me or those who have kids like mine where you or they forget to turn toys off, this has a feature that turns itself off to conserve battery life.

I was really impressed and extremely happy that my kids got to enjoy and review something that offers so much to kids and parents.

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase items from the Hearthsong website. Prices will vary depending on what you purchase.


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