Stacey Schieffelin Interview "Part 3"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

YBF founder, entrepreneur, mom, and beauty expert Stacey Schieffelin interview part three. This is the last part of the interview, which personally for me I really found interesting. There is such great information on how to keep looking young, which for me is what I want. I hope you find all this information helpful.
Tricks & Tips to Keep You Looking and 
Feeling Your Most Youthful and Awesome Self!!!

Stacey Schieffelin, founder and president of ybf (your best friend), has engineered a 14-year record of success in direct sales on the Home Shopping Network (US),QVC (UK) and The Shopping Channel (Canada) that has built a loyal, worldwide consumer base of women with cosmetic and apparel sales in excess of $150 million! Stacey forges a highly personal relationship with her consumers, guiding them on their journeys to self-actualization and fulfillment using the power of beauty.As a former Ford Model for 20 years, renowned beauty expert and highly successful entrepreneur, she is frequently sought by national 

We all want to age gracefully – right?  Well here are a few beauty tips & tricks to help you stay afloat in your very own fountain of youth!   

~Hydration isn’t just coming from your sink!: Dry skin is the first sign of aging. It highlights wrinkles and crinkles and makes our complexion seem dull. It’s important to recognize that hydration nourishes our skin and will keep it youthful! It helps plump our skin cells and help advance cell turn over too, leaving our skin more radiant and youthful. Try to use a rich moisturizing formula with SPF for extra sun perfection or add a serum filled with vitamins to your regime for an additional healthy bonus! You will see girlfriend, that as we age, hydrated skin promises you a gleaming and glowing radiance that you won’t want to live without! We love Elizabeth Arden’s Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Moisture Cream with Cleanser available at or a direct link:

~It’s PRIME Time Girlfriend!: You will look much younger than your age if you start out by prepping your sweet canvas. Most women skip this step but think…an artist certainly primes his surface and gets rid of knicks and knacks before he can create his masterpiece! Applying a smooth, yellow-based primer to skin before makeup application will fill in fine lines, deep pores, even out texture and help makeup to last so you will have a fabulous finish in no time at all! We are loving our own ybf perfect prep primer! Available at or a direct link:

~Love The Skin You’re In!: A caked on mask of makeup is a sure fire way to appear a bit “a head of your time” - more than you’d rather be, girlfriend! It’s important to recognize that the correct shade, texture and weight of foundation can clash with your skin if you don’t get it right. Choose an oil-free liquid foundation that offers you the possibility of building your coverage – from sheer to full-on depending on your need!  The less-is-more motto may seem less effective at times but the more natural skin you can see, the better – think sparingly, airy makeup and love the skin you’re in! Try Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation that is clinically shown to provide significant improvement in skin condition and signs of aging in just four weeks!

Available at or a direct link:

~Blushing is not just for the Bride Girlfriends!: Blush and bronzers will warm the appearance of your skin tone, add a hint of glowing glamour, and can create a more youthful radiant look.  It may be the perfect time to brush up on some blushing! Just don’t overdo it gals - no clown cheeks or drama queen shades allowed, especially as we mature. Blush placed only on the apples of your cherub cheeks can draw attention to your softer skin that has lost its elasticity.  Instead, apply color on the highest point on your cheekbones, working blush inward instead of down. It’s like an instant facelift with color!

Sweep on the look of a gorgeous flush of youth with Stila’s Custom Color Pink Blush!

Why settle for "almost the right shade" of blush? This perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts with your skin's pH to create a one-of-a-kind, customized shade perfect for you!   The ultra-blendable, velvety-soft formula magically smoothes the appearance of fine lines, pores and pigmentation, leaving skin with a luminous, flawless flush. The weightless powder can be layered to achieve just the right amount of color and coverage.  Harmonizes with your own skin tone to enhance your natural beauty, not overwhelm it

TIP: The denser the brush hair the brighter it will appear on skin, the softer the brush bristle will apply it in a sheer soft look.

Available at  or a direct link:

~Perfect Your Pout!: Your lips laugh, kiss and speak the truth! Lips really do have a lot to say about how we feel and how sensational we are…line’em and define’em kitten!

We communicate with our precious pout and nothing is more distracting then jagged, migrating lip color! Since aging sometimes makes our lips appear paler and thinner, line your lips with a soft long lasting liner to help color stay put! It also aids in plumping up our lips, making them appear fuller and more hydrated! We suggest using FusionBeauty LipFusion Color Shine with XL Plumping Primer Pencil. It gives lips an extra plumping effect as it lines and primes! Available at or a direct link:

~Easy on the Eyes!: Your eyes are the windows to your soul, your attitude and also your age!

There comes a time in life, when our lashes seem to be less full and dark like they were in our youth. You can resurrect your pretty peepers by easily lining your lower lash area with a soft liner or powder shadow. No need for too much, as you don’t want to close in your beautiful eyes but rather defining them is what will give you the appearance of full, voluptuous, youthful lashes again! Try LancĂ´me’s Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner Pencil – it goes on smooth and is long lasting!

Available at or direct link:

~TAKE A BROW Girlfriend!: So we guess it’s true…it is what it is…As we age, our eyebrows become thin, sparse, and sometimes even disappear! Color fades and can go to grey…but don’t despair! By using a natural or universal shaded pencil, you can give your brows the needed definition they long for. In some cases, a well-groomed eyebrow can even appear to have the same effect as a surgical eye lift! We LOVE the cult favorite, ybf eye brow pencil – universal taupe changes color depending on the pressure that is applied! Great for all skin tones and hair colors no matter what the season! Available at &  or direct link:

~To Sparkle or not to Sparkle that is the question!: You’ve earned every one of those little tale-tell signs of wisdom, of course, but the truth is, as we get older shimmering shades tend to sit on top of our little crinkles and wrinkles. Shiny shadow draws attention to your eyelids and not your AMAZING bedroom eyes! Confine and LIMIT sparkle, shimmer and too much glimmer by keeping these types of shadow to the inner corners, the centers of the lids, and just beneath the brows on the brow bones. You will see the difference glamour girl! Try this Natural Beauty Eye Shadow Palette by Stila! The versatile, earthy shades enhance your natural beauty for cover girl good looks! or direct link:

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