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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I hope you all are ready for another great game for your family to play together. Me and hubby are always playing games with the kids, which this means they are always kids games. My brother whom is 11 years younger then me, he is going to be 18 in a few months loves to come down and hang out. At times we get bored since we don't have nothing to do. Unless you count watching a movie or taking turns on the PS3. I was so happy when I had the chance to do a review for Patch Products, since the item we was sent was for teens and adults to play. This was the game for us! This game is a one of a kind, and it will give you a lot of laughs.

About the company: At Patch Products, they are serious about fun! Some days, you will find them playing games—to test them, of course! They are a group of energetic, talented and passionate employees who love what they do and love exploring new ideas that lead to exceptional games, puzzles and toys. Every day, they are busy packing the most value possible into quality, family-friendly products that are FUN! They believe in the team approach to creating fun—starting with product development, licensing and graphic design, continuing on to the manufacturing stage and following through with shipping, marketing, sales and customer service. The Patch team includes their vendors who supply them with quality materials, and their marketing partners—the restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, radio stations and other places you will find people playing these games. Their FUN is contagious!

Patch Products offers items in areas like: Games, puzzles, toys, construction toys, pegging, educational products and more! There are also items in brands like Lauri and Smethport. Which have such amazing products too. There are so many fun things offers in all ages. I sure my kids would have a blast deciding the things that they wanted from here.
Love It! Hate It! $24.99: You’ll never guess what your friends remember and what words they will put in your mouth when given the opportunity! Read the real-life, silly or down-right bizarre scenarios and then wait for your friends to reveal what they think you would love and hate. You’ll be surprised at who said what and how everyone busts out laughing in this Hilarious Game of Know & Tell!
~For 3 to 7 players
~Ages 12 to Adult

Love It! Hate It!, has been selected as a nominee for the 2011 People's Play Awards!

I knew right away when I received this I was going to invite a few friends over for pizza and of course a game night. When everyone got to the house we read the instruction as we did want to play it right and not miss anything. I will say that the instructions on how to play the game was great. I have gotten games before that the instructions didn't make sense to anyone. 

Since, there was six of us playing we got everything handed out. I love the fact that it came with enough markers for everyone to have one. Plus, where they are just normal dry erase markers, this makes it easy to replace the markers down the line.

This game lets you get to really know someone. When a question is asked you write on your little bubble what you would love and what you would hate to do with the question. Here is a question that was asked :

"If vampires were real, and I were bitten by one'"
I would love it if the Vampire were~ Ian Somerhalder or better know as Damon Salvatore  on Vampire Diaries
I would hate it if the Vampire were~ someone ugly 

This is the actual answer that I used. There are over 290 different questions that can be asked. Plus, it is nice because the bubble is reusable. No papers to be thrown away. Once everyone has done a answer each one is read out loud. During this time you will get a lot of laughs and shocked face expressions to some of your answers. After all the answers are read whom ever gets the most votes for the best love answer they get a love chip. Same goes for the hate chip. When someone gets three chips of each ends up being the winner.

I had such a great girls game night, plus the pizza wasn't that bad either.

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase Love It! Hate It! and other games from the Patch Products website. Prices will vary depending on the product you purchase. You are also able to purchase off the Amazon website.

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