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Friday, October 7, 2011

As moms, we are always wanting to keep our little ones safe and happy. From the moment they are born, it a mom's loving care that starts. This all starts with either bottle feeding or breast feeding. The bonding experience you have with you little one during these moments are so amazing. I remember when my little ones where babies they would always want to play with my necklaces during feeding time. Which at times would end up being a bad situation. They would either break my necklace off my neck or tangle it up. This then would scare me that they could possible get hurt. So, being able to be fashionable was put on the back burner. 

I was so happy to get to review a Lennah Designs, although I don't have a baby at this time, my friend has a little one. So, I knew this would be prefect of them. These necklaces offer everything from fashion, convenience and baby proof.

A little history: When Stella became a mom, her love grew deeper than she ever thought it could. Lennah Designs was created during her breastfeeding journey. With the constant pinching and poking, she abandoned all of my jewelry. What she didn’t realize was how something as simple as wearing a necklace lifted her spirits! Not to mention it was a great distraction for her daughter during feedings. It is her hope to spread the joy and share their necklaces at Lennah Designs with as many mamas as they can!
Their purpose is to complete a full circle. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to SickKids Foundation (The Hospital for Sick Children) to invest in health and scientific advancements to improve the health and lives of children in Canada and around the world. None of us can put a price to a child’s life, but together we can make a difference and contribute to the cost of healthcare research.

They have 12 trendy colour design sets that you can choose from.  You are able to fully customize your own necklace by choosing your pendant, length, and single or double strand design. Prices start at $20 (Canadian dollars).

Necklaces are also handmade in Canada. These necklaces are made with high quality non-toxic beads that have passed safety test standards to protect our little ones!  The beads are strung on a strong cotton cord and include a special plastic breakaway safety clasp that pops open when pulled to prevent the necklace's from breaking.

Pendents are offered in three different choices: donut, pie, and rectangle.  You are also able to choose no pendent if that is what you prefer. These are offered in several different lengths:  20″, 24″, 28″, 32″, and 36″. Which are (measured end-to-end) for an additional $2 per 4″ interval.
Abby Donut Pendent
These thoughts are a mixture between my friend and I. I love that the design is so trendy right now. It not only is it great for little ones but it is extremely fashionable.  It is a piece that you can wear, but no one would really realize that it is made to stimulate your baby while feeding them.  The necklaces are super strong, allowing the baby to tug and pull without you worrying anything will happen to the necklace or your baby. If by chance the baby does pull to hard it will just easily snap apart.

I love the fact that they have been tested and are guaranteed safe for little ones. Having the piece of mind is so nice to have when it is to do with your baby.  There are so many designs to choose from, that I can see myself purchasing several of these in a few years when hubby and me start trying for another one. Until, then these are going to make great gifts for friends and families with babies. Plus, I am a huge fan of the price.

Where to purchase: You can order right from the website. Prices will vary depending on the necklace you go with. You are also able to order right from their Etsy store.


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