Kristin McGee's "Yoga Tone" Review/Giveaway

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yoga Tone $14.99: is a fun and revitalizing workout that combines yoga postures and strength training. Two (15 minute) circuits will give you the perfect 30 minute workout to boost energy, strengthen the body, and calm the mind. This efficient and unique combination of circuit training, strength training and yoga provides cardio, works the core, challenges the balance, and sculpts a strong lean body.

Yoga Tone includes bonus behind-the-scenes production footage and information about musician Tom Rossi.

A little history: Bendigirl is a unique fusion approach to exercise, as well as a philosophy that embraces change, growth and positivity. Using several methods including yoga, Pilates, and strength training offers greater benefits and a more efficient workout. It also acknowledges that your needs are different depending on your fitness level, phase in life, or even the day. Kristin developed the Bendigirl method to help you feel better, stronger, and more vital.  The Bendigirl philosophy is based on the belief that exercise can be a fun, enjoyable part of our lives. Most importantly, Bendigirl is for everyone. Kristin gives you expert support and guidance so that you can thrive. Bendigirl honors the disciplines of yoga and Pilates, yet offers a refreshing approach that easily fits into our modern lives.

I hope you are all ready for my last review for Kristin McGee. I was sent the Yoga Tone, which did not disappoint me in anyway. I have always been a fan of yoga but this is not like normal yoga. You have the opportunity to tone your body while you are doing yoga. This DVD offers such great strength toning routines. Which for men that aren't really into yoga, this would be great for them. Since, this allows you to work with weights to tone during your routine. 

I am not really needing to lose any weight but I do need to get some tone to my body. After having two little ones and running after them at all times. My body is lacking in the tone area. One thing that I have to mention that I love, is the fact that it offers two 15 minute circuits. If I have the chance I get to do two of them, if not at least I can get my one 15 minute circuit completed. If you can't start out like a pro at first you can work yourself up. 

If you are looking for a way to tone your body but still do your yoga you love, this offers that and more.

Where to purchase: You are able to order from the website for $14.99. 


  1. I would love to win this i find yoga helps my over used muscles and just relaxes me!

  2. I would like the MTV Fitness 4 pack.


  3. GFC Follower. The reason I would picked the MTV pack in 1st post is because it's a classic series that has stood the test of time.


    PS I tried to fill out the box above and couldn't.

  4. I would love her yoga tone DVD because I have recently started yoga and will enjoy anything related to it.


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