Kristin McGee "Power Yoga" DVD Review/Giveaway

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kristin McGee's Power Yoga $14.99: For those who got hooked on Kristin McGee's power yoga sessions on MTV, this DVD represents the next level. Power Yoga will revive the soul, even as it sculpts the physique past whatever was thought possible. Power Yoga is presented in a realistic environment with an original and motivating soundtrack. 

A little history: Bendigirl is a unique fusion approach to exercise, as well as a philosophy that embraces change, growth and positivity. Using several methods including yoga, Pilates, and strength training offers greater benefits and a more efficient workout. It also acknowledges that your needs are different depending on your fitness level, phase in life, or even the day. Kristin developed the Bendigirl method to help you feel better, stronger, and more vital.  The Bendigirl philosophy is based on the belief that exercise can be a fun, enjoyable part of our lives. Most importantly, Bendigirl is for everyone. Kristin gives you expert support and guidance so that you can thrive. Bendigirl honors the disciplines of yoga and Pilates, yet offers a refreshing approach that easily fits into our modern lives. 

Up until recently I was not familiar with Kristin McGee, but she has been so nice to send me three different yoga DVD's to review. For me I have really been getting into taking care of my body. With age and also the stress of life, I have found yoga to be one of my most relaxing and enjoying things to do. That is of course after my kids have went to school. So, I try to do at least one rountine a day. Power Yoga by Kristin McGee is most challanging but in a great way. I was focused and by the time I was done I felt great. With it being fast paced, that is something I really like personally. My hubby was even sweet enought to do a routine with me. He did pretty good even though, he isn't much into exercising in any way. But, he did say that he liked that it was more modern then most yoga DVD's that I own. After completing my daily rountine with Power Yoga I found my self feeling compeltely rejuvinated and ready to face the day with such confidence.

Where to purchase: You are able to order from the website for $14.99.

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