Kristin McGee "BendiGirl Yoga" DVD Review/Giveawy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My kids aren't really the most active. I mean they do run around and play outside as all little kids do. My little girl isn't much into sports but she does like to tumble and be a cheerleader. With my little boy he doesn't get to play sports at school since he is ADHD. So, I am constantly finding activities and toys that can keep them physically active. Just recently the last few months I found out that there is kids yoga, which is a great way to keep you kids active. Kristin McGee has been nice enough to send me the BendiGirl Yoga, for my little ones. I mean I know that it is for girls by the name but my little boy had a blast along side his sister.

A little history: Bendigirl is a unique fusion approach to exercise, as well as a philosophy that embraces change, growth and positivity. Using several methods including yoga, pilates, and strength training offers greater benefits and a more efficient workout. It also acknowledges that your needs are different depending on your fitness level, phase in life, or even the day. Kristin developed the Bendigirl method to help you feel better, stronger, and more vital.  The Bendigirl philosophy is based on the belief that exercise can be a fun, enjoyable part of our lives. Most importantly, Bendigirl is for everyone. Kristin gives you expert support and guidance so that you can thrive. Bendigirl honors the disciplines of yoga and pilates, yet offers a refreshing approach that easily fits into our modern lives. 
Bendigirl Yoga $14.99: is designed not only to get girls in shape, but also to build their confidence and create positive habits that will last a lifetime. With a modern, pop soundtrack featuring all original music, Bendigirl Yoga brings energy and fun to an exercise form that kids (and their mothers) might otherwise consider too boring to take up. McGee's ability to instruct without condescending helps make this a workout that young women can embrace as their own.

My kids have had a blast with the BendiGirl. The yoga moves that are done throughout BendiGirl is great for younger people to be able to do. I feel that this is an excellent way to motivate young girls to want to take care of their bodies. One way to teach young girls to take care of their bodies and stay healthy, is by being physically active by exercising. The cast of young girls along with Kristi McGee was perfect for little girls. The length of the DVD being only 35 mintues is prefect, especially since a lot of kids can't stay on something for along period of time. This is suggested for girls at the ages of tween and teens. But, my kids didn't have trouble at all participating in the Bendigirl Yoga.

Where to purchase: You are able to order from the website for $14.99. 

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