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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I usually go to the dry cleaners a few times a month. Hubby, the kids and I have several items a piece that have to go too the dry cleaners. We have items like coats, jackets, shirts and dresses. The problem I have, is the bags they come home in usually, end up in the trash. Where I go they have very thin bags so being able to use them a couple of times isn't going to happen. I have been looking for a alternative to help protect my clothes, to and from the dry cleaners, plus is reusable. The Green Garmento has been nice enough to send me a 4 in 1 reusable garment bag. Which has proven to be amazing in so many ways.

THE GREEN GARMENTO is an eco-friendly 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that can help you go green. This bag serves as a hamper, on the trip to the dry-cleaner it functions as a duffel bag and at pick-up. THE GREEN GARMENTO is made from breathable, water-resistant material, making it an eco-friendly, stylish, practical, and affordable. The simple step of switching to THE GREEN GARMENTO will help you save money, increase customer loyalty and reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use dry-cleaning bags that enter our landfills and threaten our marine and wildlife, annually.

You are able to use The Green Gramento 4 different ways: A drycleaning bag, hanging hamper, hamper liner, and also a duffel bag.    
~Breathable & water-resistant
~Side zipper allows easy access to hanging garments
~Drawstring closure at bottom
~Sturdy loop fits over any hook for use as a hanging hamper
~Durable shoulder strap for convenient carrying as a duffel bag
~Reinforced handles for compressed carrying
~Wide gussets allow cleaned clothes to hang gently at all times
~Machine washable (short cycle - cold) and hang dries quickly
~See-through front pocket for dry cleaning ticket or other customer ID
~Recyclable & Reusable
~Made from recyclable non-woven polypropylene

The Green Garmento offers several different colors and sizes available in the 4in 1 garment bag starting at $9.99. For those men in our lives there is also a black "The Situation" garment bag with a really awesome tribal logo. There are also a few other items available that you may find interesting and helpful.
I am a huge fan of The Green Garmento. Not only is this a dry cleaner's bag but also can be used as a hamper, hamper liner and also a duffel bag. When you think of the price being $9.99, I think that is great being how it is so versatile. While I was home I used it has a hamper bag. Once the bag was full of the items I wanted to take to the dry cleaners, I used it as a duffel bag to transport the items. When I picked my garments up after they were cleaned, the bag was easily turned into a dry cleaner bag. The bag can hold approximately 20 garments when hanging. I love that I don't have to trash any more plastic bags, as I am aware that they don't break down in the land fills. I personally love that I am helping with this. Another great thing, I don't have to dig around the dirty clothes to find the items to take to the dry cleaners. I just use the bag as a hamper for only those items. Once full I take to the cleaners. There is a plastic sleeve on the outside of the bag where you can place an identification card so they know the bag and items are yours. This bag is an amazing invention.

Where to purchase: You can order from the website, prices will vary depending on what products you purchase.


  1. I learned that the Green Garmento will lessen the plastic load to landfills.

    Kathy Davis

  2. I follow your blog by email.

    Kathy Davis

  3. I learned that the bag is made from a recyclable, breathable, water-resistant material, making it an eco-friendly and that is can be made in to 4 different bags.


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