Dropper Boppers Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dropper Bopper's offer little ones to use their imagination of sitting high in the sky onto of fluffy white cloud being in a magical town. The town is called Drop Town. Within this magical town there are colorful rain drops that are both pretty and cool. 

I love the idea of a place like this, in return as do little ones. I was sent a Pretty Drop and also a Cool Drop to review along side my kids. 

About the company: Inspired by the simplistic elegance of a rain drop these dynamic characters are the invention of series creator Robert Kilgore. With their conception came the formation of Dropper Bopper Ink LLC; a small think tank studio designed to create memorable characters that provide lasting joy to all ages. Established in 2010 Dropper Bopper Ink is posed to launch the first characters, Cool Drop within the Dropper Bopper series in February 2011 as well as Pretty Drop during the fall of 2011.
The Dropper Bopper's are 5" plush toys that are made with quality and comfort in mind. The charming little characters are also made with polyester bodies which make them able to be machine washed if needed. The Dropper Bopper's are made with plastic pallets inside them to make them extra squashy.
Cool Drop is the coolest drop around and enjoys a good time with his pals. The fun loving drop enjoys sharing sweet tunes with anyone who is near.
Pretty Drop is the prettiest Dropper Bopper of them all and enjoys giving hugs. Also this loving drop believes that a hug a day helps to spread cheer and good will.

I think these are such cute little collectible soft plush toys. They truly have a character to them. I was sent the Pretty Drop for my little girl and the Cool Drop for my little boy. Each Dropper Bopper comes with a little certificate attached to the plush. This certificate shows how it is a collectible. Cool Drop actually comes with a bigger certificate while the Pretty Drop comes with a pink rubber bracelet. Each plush is extremely soft with a bean bag feel to it. Both Dropper's are 5" tall prefect for kids and babies of all ages.

I love how the Cool Drop comes with a headband and earphones. Plus, his eyes even have music notes in them. The Pretty Drop has a pretty hand-band bow with hearts in her eyes. Both of my kids loved their Dropper Boppers. From the moment they got them they are pretty much with them everywhere. My little boy puts his Cool Drop in his dump trucks. He uses him as a driver. My little girl watches TV and sleeps with her. My kids have both loved the Dropper Boppers so much.

Hearts Hugs and Pink Rainbows is a heartfelt 32 page illustrated book inspired by our super sweet Pretty Drop plush. In brief it follows the Dropper Boppers as they attempt to help Itty Bitty Drop cheer up her sick mother. Also Hearts, Hugs & Pink Rainbows rich imagery was created with 3D modeling software creating a unique reading experience.

Where to purchase:They also have a Price Buster Dropper Sale going on right now. You can get 2 plush for $8.00!


  1. I learned that each individual plush has a special symbol embedded with in their eyes.

    Kathy Davis

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  4. I learned there is a 7 day money back guarantee

  5. I learned PRICE BUSTER DROPPER SALE! BUY TODAY - SAVE 50%. Any 2 Plush for $8.00.


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