The Bun Is Back!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bun is back, and it is back in a big way. Michael Duenas, founder of Hair Room Service and celeb stylist (whose clients include: Dianna Agron, Lea Michelle, and Molly Sims) breaks down this chic and surprisingly damage free style! There are many different versions of the bun, tight loose, twisted, puffed out, simple, etc. The bun is being seen everywhere. This offers a clean slicked look, but not to harsh.  You get the height you want and the softness you need. I am so happy to personally know that the bun is back. My daughter and I are always wearing buns.

It is simple to accomplish as well! Here are a few tips:

~When your hair is wet, apply amika's Obliphica Oil and let air dry
~If you don't have the time to let air dry, then you can blow smooth or rough dry, with the amika NRG Professional Drying System, no need for a flat iron or curling iron.
~Once your hair is dry, secure your hair into a tight pony, making sure you brush in all the loose hairs, and placement is at your crown
~If you find yourself getting "bagginess" at the nape of your neck, look up towards the ceiling when securing your ponytail, this will make sure it is very tight
~Once in the ponytail, feel free to run a drop of amika's Obliphica Oil over the top and sides of your head, this will add sine, and remove any flyaways.
~Now simply take your ponytail and wrap into a circle until you have a little of the ends remaining and pin!

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