Spin Master "Aquadoodle Buddy" Review/Giveaway

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I remember when my kids where little around the ages you don't really let them color. Then they see crayons and markers and they are really wanting them but they are just simply to little and well don't understand the concept of don't eat and don't mark all over the walls, floors or themselves. So, when Spin Master sent me the AquaDoodle Buddy to review, I knew this was going to be great. Since, my little ones are four and above in age I let my friend review the item and she was more then happy and really felt the same way that I would have felt. I mean what is better then letting your little one doodle all over a little buddy and it fades and they can do it all over again with simply water. PERFECT!

About the company and the products: Aquadoodle’s water-only, patented technology promotes creative expression through fun, artistic play. After years of scientific development, they are confident in Aquadoodle’s ability to inspire young imaginations. The water-based Aquadoodle drawing tools are non-toxic and ink free allowing your child to play in a safe and clean environment. Durable and reusable, Aquadoodle provides hours of creative and long-lasting play. Aquadoodle is non-toxic and mess-free! Your little artists will express themselves safely with water, without the mess of inks or paint. Tactile and easy to store! Roll it, fold it and take it to go. All Aquadoodle items are uniquely designed for convenient storage, at home or on the go.
Aquadoodle offers a nice variety of products from mats, wall clings, travel doodles, doodle buddy and accessories. Aquadoodle has received several awards in the past few years and also has done several media appearances. There are three different AquaDoodle Buddy's available the AquaDoodle Pet Bear which is what I had the privilege to review, plus there is a dog and a penguin.
During my review I header over to my friends house, due to the fact that she has a little girl that is just turned one not to long ago. When she comes to the house she is always wanting to head straight to the crayons and color with my kids, but of course at her age she can't since she really would color more then likely everything but the coloring book. I remember when my kids where little and wanted to color too, but it is really hard for them to understand when something just looks so fun. So, when I got to my friends house and I gave this to her little girl oh, you should have seen her, she was so happy. She was clapping and smiling especially when she seen me draw on the belly. When she took over she colored and colored on the belly forever and it was so great because it was just water. What makes this so great it really allows little ones that aren't big enough to color yet and really want to. This allows them to color over and over with water and if it gets on anything other then the doodle it won't show up. This is great and I know for the next little ones I have in the future will for use have this.

This is one of those items that are great to purchase for any holiday, baby showers, Birthdays, or well just because. I am also really happy with the fact that it is really soft not rough on little ones skin. If your little ones would want to chew on it not a big deal because of course it gets wet all the time anyways. Another great thing I noticed is that the hand on the buddy has a place for the drawing tool making it easy to find and not lose.

Where to purchase: You can go here to AquaDoodle's website and see where you can purchase this and the other items AquaDoodle offers.

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