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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 There are so many hair accessories that one can put into their hair. You can choose from head bands, pony tail holders, hats, ribbons, bows, flowers, well as you can see the list goes on and on. I left a lot of things unmentioned. My little girl has over 30 bows and I still can't find a way to escape buying them. She doesn't  have many flowers but there are a few (which I love) I  just always tend to lean towards the bows. I have recently started to purchase head bands with a pretty bow or flower on them. Plus, I can't forget the beanie's with winter coming up, I can't keep enough of those in our home. I was contacted by to do a review on a few items. I had the chance to review a head band for my little girl and a beanie for me. I will now share my experience with you!

About the company: It is Cover Your Hair's  mission to provide low cost hair covering products to consumers. Along the way, they have blazed new trails in Jewish fashion. They continue to innovate with new items that they alone carry. As a recognized industry leader, they take pride in servicing each and every order.

Since 2005 Cover Your Hair has offered 1000's of hair accessories. Also, with so many colors to choice from I am sure you will find the product and color that you desire. They offer products from Snoods, Bandannas, Hats, Berets, Hairbands, Headbands, Tichels, Hair scarf, head-wraps, and even more! I love the huge selection they offer for babies as well in Baby Hats and also in Baby Handbands

During my review I had the opportunity to experience two different products so I decided to go with a product for myself and one also for my little girl. When the items arrived, I was so happy with what was sent. They were exactly what I wanted and everything looked great.
For my first item, I reviewed the Print Flower Applique on a Hard Headband which amounts to a good accessory for any occasion. I knew that this would be great for a review since with my little girl and I normally get bows, flowers, or hair clips. The first thing that I noticed was the price, only $5.99 which is very modest considering the quality of these products. Usually with head bands I cant seem to find a proper fit for my little girls head. Her head is very skinny so they usually fall off. I was really happy that this product fit onto her head with no problems. It didn't slide off so I didn't have to keep adjusting, making this much nicer. I The flower on the head band was great, and the colors were perfect. With how the flower was made it laid in place very well, didn't overlap which made it look a lot nicer in her hair. A great thing is that it is the prefect colors for the holidays!
I have been wanting a new Head Covering for a while now so I was so happy when I had the opportunity to review Stylish Knit Beanie Beret. For my review item I was sent the color cream which is great since it matches everything. I really loved the detailing that was made on the beanie, with the added buttons, they added a lot of style. The beanie fit on my head quit well, not only that but it fit onto my little girl with no problems. It has a slough look to it which I really love. The quality of how the product was made is great when the product is $18.99. I have already worn this a few times well for looks and also morning and nights here are getting really chilly. I love that this product can look great with jeans and a t-shirt to a really nice shirt with a twill jacket. Such  great Head Accessories to have at all times!

I am really happy to offer you my readers the chance to win a $25.00 box of hair accessories. I am sure any little girl or woman would love these items and items like these.

Where to purchase: You can go to and order the products. Prices will vary depending on the products that you order. 

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