Calypso Studious It's A Wrap Bracelet & Feather Collection Review / Giveaway

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jewelery is a big part to any outfit I am wearing. Whether I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans to a nice shirt with dress pants or a dress, I always add that extra touch with jewelery. You can simply add a necklace or a bracelet and next thing you know the outfit has been taken to the next level. Plus, if you look great you will feel great too, well at least that is how I always feel. When it comes to me getting jewelery I don't only look for pieces that look great they they have to be made with the best quality. When I had the chance to review some really amazing pieces from Calypso Studios I knew I was in for a treat and well wearing art is really nice too!

About the company: Calypso Studios debuted in January 2007 with a line of jewelry and accessories created from the earth's natural elements: clay, shell and glass. The new line was immediately embraced and praised for the unique designs and mediums. The designs are on-trend and span the ages in both technique and the persons choosing these distinctive and exclusive designs. More than a conversation piece, Calypso Studios jewelry symbolizes good taste for an independent spirit. It is our hope that this art will bring much pleasure to who wear it. Calypso Studios jewelry indeed serves to commemorate life’s happy moments.

There is so much to chose from that Calypso Studios has to offer from: The Crochet Collections, Feather Collection, IMPULSE Collection, Shag Bags, Carnival Collection Stone Collection, It's A Wrap Collection, Sundance Collection, Clay Collections, Inspirational Collections, Shell Collections, S.H.O.P. Totes, Team Jewelry, and Stretchy Ring Collection. 

During my review I was sent three items that I fell in love with. I was sent a white glass wrap, a black & white geo coco bracelet, and a necklace from the feather collection.

For my first item to review it was the White Glass Wrap Bracelet for $12.50. I love the simple yet elegant look that this bracelet brings. I am really happy with the quality of the bracelet from the beads all the way to how it closes. It is simple to put on you have two options; you can either put it on by undoing it's clasp and wrapping it around, refastening it. Or you can loop it on with out taking it apart, each method creates a slightly different look. It can look great with a t-shirt, for casual wear and hold its own as an accessory to more glamorous fare. 

For my second items to review I received the Black & White Geo Clay Wrap Bracelet priced at $20.00. This wrap bracelet is a 24in. wrappable bracelet with clay beads and waxed linen cording. This bracelet just as the other item is truly made with such great quality. Plus, it is very versatile and can be put on two different ways. I really loved the detailing in the clay beads, it truly is art. It is so simply but yet so amazing in the ways of the design. I also love the waxed linen cording it goes so well with these bracelet, I really feel as if the cording is a center piece of the bracelets as well. I have this really pretty white shirt that can be worn as a nice shirt or a simple shirt and this really has helped take the outfit to the next level. Plus, the price for the quality you get in perfect.

The last item I had the chance to review was the Antique Copper Leather and Chain Necklace with Feather priced at $14.99. This necklace is 22 inch's long leather and chain necklace with dangling a feather. It is also available in 3 colors.  I love the color of this necklace, copper is such an amazing color but then again brown is one of my most favorite colors. This necklace and feather lay so perfectly and does not feel overly weighted. The layered chains gives a really nice detail along with dimension. I can't get over the feather it is copper but there is such detailing in it. I have worn this necklace quit a few times already and it always looks great and goes with so many things that I have in my closet already.

Where to purchase: You can go to their website and order their products! Prices will vary depending on what you are getting.


  1. I like the Mtulti-Color Inspirational Carnival Bracelet because it's really beautiful

    Thank you for a nice contest

    happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  2. I love the Aqua/Teal Sea Jewels Bracelet. it is so pretty!

  3. I love the Carnival Bracelet in Black-Silver.

  4. I like the Impulse Collection Clay Bracelet because its so colorful.


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