Time Island Review/Giveaway

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My kids love to play games online. The are always playing games on Nick Jr and also I have found games sites here and there for little ones that they have really begin to like. For my little girl though she is always looking for a game that is more like a virtual world for here where she interacts here character into the world she is in. My little boy isn't really into these yet but he is starting to get into them.  So, when I had the chance to review Time Island online it was pretty great for my little ones. Plus, with all the goodies they were sent they loved it even more.

About Time Island: Time Island is a place of wonder and adventure. Your survival skills will be put to the test as you explore white beaches and lush jungles; tree-top terraces and dark underground caverns. You will have to outsmart, out maneuver and outlast the troublesome green creatures that inhabit the island, known as the Goggs. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to stick together so you and your friends can create and join a tribe. Survival is always easier when you’re not alone. To survive you must also care for your cleanliness and hygiene, and keep your avatar well fed. Most importantly, keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Around any bush and behind any rock, even in the giant trees and hidden in the darkest corners of the caves, you will discover countless games and activities. To survive on Time Island is a challenge, but the fun is even greater!
The Time Island game online is geared to the ages 6-10 so my little girl is perfect for the game, but my little boy whom is 4 had fun playing along side me. This is a survival educational game that has your little ones solving puzzles and playing little mini games. I love the fact that they do have strict rules to make sure there is no bullying and also no bad language plus other things we don't want our little ones around. If you are a worried parent which I am they have a great thing as in parental controlling. That allows us to log in and see our kids activity and also change settings to what we are comfortable with.  A lot of ease of mind is offered here which I really like myself.

Both of my kids had fun with having a interacting character that could basically be them. Plus, it can keep them busy for hours and out from under your feet lol. Not only did they love the game online but they were also sent a really cool. There party pack included a pair of sunglasses, five bracelets, five tattoos, five stickers, a bandana, and a backpack type bag.

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