Spin Master "Moon Dough Magic Zoo" Review/Giveaway

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My kids love to play with dough or basically anything that can be molding into something. I mean my kids can play for hours and mold different things and really let their imagination take over. Plus, I like it when they are playing with something and they are done it is super easy to clean up. Moon Dough is a magical molding dough that is super fun to play. Spin Master has given me the chance to review the Moon Dough Magic Zoo and my kids could not have been happier. 

Moon Dough is an amazing new molding compound and is unlike anything that you have ever played with before when it comes to molding. It is extremely light, soft, and has a  marshmallow-like feel to it.  Moon Dough does not stick or stain to virtually any material, and never dries out so that way your little ones can play with it over and over. Moon Dough is wheat-free, hypo-allergenic, and comes in 8 fun colors.
Moon Dough Magic Zoo $19.99 ages 3+: The Moon Dough Magic Zoo was brand new for Spring and is a hit with kids as the animals actually walk right out of the zoo with their self winding feet! Comes with the molding machine that requires a little bit of putting together, a fence mold, three animal molds. tow winder walkers and three bags of moon dough.

My kids had a blast with this. The one thing I could tell is they really loved the texture/feel of the Moon Dough. It didn't take them long before they were molding animal shapes and having them walking around the floor. It was nice that it did come with three different colors, but for my kids it didn't take them long to combine the colors together. Now we have tye-dye Moon Dough which is no big deal. This seems to happen to all of the products that have to do with molding. This is a very simple toy for kids to use, even my 4 year old had a very simple time playing with it. The handle that you move in circles on the top moves the mold up and down. Once the mold is all the way down it pops open on its own which is pretty cool. the kids really liked that because they got see the a animal appear before their eyes. Plus, the winder walkers are also really nice since it allows the animals to move around and keep there form really good with out little fingers smashing them. This is such a great product and I really like how it is hypo-allergic and wheat free. I know a lot of parents really want this when it comes to products for their kids. Another great thing if you can't get to cleaning up the mess right away it is ok because the Moon Dough never dries out now that is a blessing for me.

There are so many different Moon Dough products besides the Magic Zoo offered. You can go here and look at all the different ones plus there are refills for the moon dough.

Where to purchase: You can go here to see what retailers carry Moon Dough and prices will vary depending on where you purchase. You can also go to to order the Moon Dough Magic Zoo for $21.99.

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