Spin Master "Gomu" Review/Giveaway

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So, with my little girl we have went through so many stages where she wants to collect from this to that. We have done the buying of Squinkies , Zhu Zhu Pets, Zoobles, Littlest Pet Shop and some other things. Plus, what they offer little girls nowadays how can they not want the whole collection of everything. Now, there is a new crazy among little girls ages 6 and up. Let me say what the craze is, well they are actually really cute and well if I were a little girl I would love them too. Spin Master has given the opportunity to review Gomu which they are really cool eraser that are more then just erasers, I will say that.

Gomu is the collectable little eraser that are bursting with fun for little girls ages 6 and up. There are over 100 different Gomu's to collect ranging from pets, gadgets, music, accessories, and even the zoo. So, what ever your little girl is into at the moment I am sure you will be able to find the prefect little Gomu's for her. Plus, you can discover the ultra-rare Gomu's with a surprise in every pack. A really cool thing is that the Gomu eraser's can be taken a part in little parts so they can be taken apart and put back together over and over again for tons of fun. Plus, these also allows you to mix and match the Gomu's to make different animals and different colors. Girls not only love to play with them but they love to collect and trad them with their friends while at school. There is a really cool things offered on the Gomy website. You can find out how much your Gomu is worth bt gets G-points. So, the little girl not only see's her collection grow but also she see's the points grow as well. Plus, every chance you open a Gomu you nay just find one of the Ultra rare gold or silver key erasers.
My little girl I swear went crazy for these. When they said it was a craze it immediately became on with my little girl. But, given the fact that they start at $1.00 makes it a great thing for me. The prices are ranging from single pack $1.00, three pack $2.99, and the six pack is $4.99. Not to bad when not only are they these cut little things but they are erasers, collectables and they can be traded. So cool especially if you are a little girl. My little sit at the table for ever playing with them. Although she did let me know that she will never use them for erasers because they are just too cute. She loved how you could take them apart and replace parts with other parts. 

After she played for a while we did onto the website to check off the Gomu's that she had so that she could get started on her points. I know that she will never let me forget to do this every time she gets one. I am glad that there are a ton of different things in items especially since she loves anything to do with animals. She has let me know that she wants the DS Gomu and also she wants insects. They don't have those yet. But, I did tell her you never know since this is Series 1 maybe Series 2 will have some insects. I do wish and hope they come out with little Gomu's for little boys because I know they would love them just as much as a little girl. Well, my little boy thinks they are the coolest too!

You can go here to see what all the Gomu's look like in the Series 1 that way when your little girl is into collecting them you know what you are in for lol! 

Where to purchase: You can go here to see what retailers carry Gomu's. Plus you can go to and purchase the Gomu Eraserland Series 1 Erasers 6Pack.

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