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Don't you love those scents that just by the smell of them they make you think of the holidays and next thing you know you have a smile going across your face? Well, that happened to me the other day when I put a candle out. I know the holidays are still off some but not really at least for me I am already planning for the holidays. One thing that I have to keep in my home during the holidays is the scents of the holidays that really brings the spirit of the holidays in my home and fills it up,

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Mulled cider wafting through the air. Warm pie baking in the oven. These are the scents of the season captured in the new Slatkin & Co. Holiday Candle collections. Created to evoke the warmth, togetherness, and merrymaking of the holidays, Slatkin & Co. candles fill your home with the scent of celebration. This season, transform your home into a winter wonderland with your favorite scented candle or give candles to loved ones on your list to spread holiday cheer. The season’s collections include:

Winter Cabin Collection

Invite the rich, crisp fragrances of winter into your home.

  • Winter Cabin: A warm, comforting blend of creamy chestnut, crisp cedar and pine, infused with cinnamon and spicy cloves.
  • Winter Wonderland: A sparkling blend of cool peppermint and fiery cinnamon with notes of crisp apple and creamy nutmeg.
  • Winter Night: Fir tree, warm Cyprus and clove bud blended with cedar and a touch of incense.
  • Spiced Apple Toddy:  A warming blend of apple brandy and spiced plum, infused with mulled cider and tart cranberry.
  • Cranberry Cider:  Bright fresh cranberries mulled in warm brandy and infused with cinnamon stick.

Merry Mistletoe Collection

Classic holiday scents that will inspire the first kiss under the mistletoe.

  • Merry Mistletoe: A magical blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus
  • Sleigh Ride: Frosted juniper, green noble fir and rosemary blended to evoke a morning sleigh ride
  • Deck the Halls: A blend of fresh green balsam, red berries and cinnamon bark, infused with honey and sandalwood

Holiday Treats Collection

Decadent, mouthwatering scents that will satisfy the sweetest tooth season.

  • Dark Chocolate Mint: A luscious blend of dark chocolate shavings and pure peppermint, layered with rich vanilla cream and a touch of caramel.
  • Gingerbread: The perfect blend of spicy ginger, rich buttercream and brown sugar topped with whipped vanilla frosting.
  • Holiday Gumdrop: A bright blend of cinnamon stick and peppermint bark infused with vanilla and a touch of anise.
  • Candied Sugar Plum: Rich, sugared plums and boysenberries blended with sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and a touch of apple.
  • Marshmallow Peppermint: A delicious blend of sweet peppermint, fluffy marshmallow cream and rich vanilla cupcake. 

What they will cost: 1.6 oz ($3.50), 4 oz ($9.50), 14.5 oz ($19.50)
Available in Bath & Body Works October 2011 – December 2011 

Decorative Sleeves & Luminaries

Dress up your favorite holiday Slatkin & Co. scents with sleek, sophisticated candle sleeves. In a variety of classic holiday scenes including snowflakes, winter village, gingerbread and traditional quilt designs, these beautiful accents make for stunning centerpieces and home decorations. ($3.50 - $15.00)

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