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Friday, August 19, 2011

From the moment I started blogging and having the opportunities to review products. I have had the chance to try some really amazing things. Some, I have heard of and even tried before hand. Others I have never heard of and was amazed by the product with the product's innovative idea and the concept of the product. During my review for Light Affection it has been no different and I have found something that not only I have really liked but I know several people that would love the product as well. 

You may be wondering what is Light Affection I know I was at first. It is this amazing way to preserve a favorite photo in a very interesting way. Depending on the photo you send in they carve an exact replica of the image you have sent in. The carved pieces are then placed into photo frames of your choice.  Once the carved piece is illuminated from behind it magically shows your image. The varying thicknesses of the translucent material create the illusion of the personalized original image.

Light Affection is based on an old art form called lithophanes. First invented in France in the late 1800’s, Lithophane (Greek for "vision in stone") is a porcelain engraving that comes alive when illuminated from behind. Today, they are created pieces using modern, long lasting materials to give this unique effect.  

The process was very simple which makes ordering something like this very nice. All I had to do was email them a photo with great resolution and I was told that close-ups work best and they do recommend no more then two subjects for the size of my nightlight. Although depending on the size of frame you go with also depends on the amount of subjects in the image. Then they engrave the image onto the product you are purchasing. Then when you get it all you have to do is plug it in, turn it on and look at the beauty of the image. 
I was so happy with the picture I choose to go with. I took this picture last Nov in 2010 at my little girls school concert for the holidays. I just loved how they were so cute and they matched and well I honestly don't get many pictures where they both turn out in the picture. It is such a simple piece of decor but it elevates a area so nicely and really is so pretty. I have had several people stop at my house and want one so bad. This is one of those items that would be great for parents, grandparents, close family members and friends. Also for any holiday, in fact I am going to order one for my grandmother, mother and mother in law for Christmas and give it to them from the kids. I know that they all would love them so much.

I do wish my pictures turned out better but my camera just would not capture the greatness of the product.

Prices vary depending on what item you choose to engrave and also the size. The Personalized Night Light is price at $44.95 and the Personalized standing Light prices are $89, $119, $159, $239 depending on size.

Where you can purchase: You can go here to their website Light Affection also you can go to Photo Gifts Plus In A Box. Prices will vary depending on the size and product you purchase.

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  1. The lights are available in different frames, sizes and prices. You can submit the image and/or order online or by mail.


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