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Monday, August 22, 2011

I am traditionally a huge fan of soft drinks. Although, I have my favorites brands and flavors I don't typically try new types. With the last few months thought I have really tried to cut down due to all the sugar and caffeine in soft drinks. So, when Jarritos gave me the chance to review their popular Mexican soft drink made with 100% natural sugar, I was super excited well to try something new that offered what I was looking for now.

About Jarritos the company: More than sixty years ago, Jarritos was introduced as Mexico’s first national soft drink. Today, Jarritos is the leading brand in the US in the Mexican soft drink category and has become a Mexican cultural icon. Whether it is the distinctive glass bottle or the 11 unique and great fruit flavors, Jarritos can be found throughout the US in major and independent grocery stores, Mexican restaurants, taquerias, catering trucks and convenience stores.

Jarritos has so many different flavors and they are a reflection of Mexico in its array of traditional Mexican flavors made with 100% natural sugar including: Tamarind, Mandarin, Fruit Punch, Jamaica, Lime, Toronja, Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, and Mexican Cola.

 When I received my case of Jarritos, I was really happy to get in the box and start trying all the different flavors. Plus, since I had never heard of Jarritos trying something new was going to be nice with the 100% natural sugar. For me drinking a lot of soft drinks it can cause my heart to do palpitations which is really annoying and sometimes scary. So cutting down on soft drinks well it has been hard. When I looked at the bottles I did notice the nice detailing in the bottle along with the long neck which is nice, but one most important thing is that the bottle is glass and not plastic. I feel this is a great move in protecting the environment so that there is a A+ right away. Luckily, I did have a bottle opener or else I wouldn't have been able to get it open. Within a few minutes I was tying out my Jarritos, I didn't even pick one out to try I just grabbed one and went with it. It didn't take long for my hubby to come into the room though and start drinking them as well. We were both really happy with the flavors, they all were great. The flavors were really crisp, mild and clean taste which is nice since some soft drinks I have had just aren't like that for me. 

This only thing I wish is that they was a place near me that sells Jarritos, but the nearest one is almost 200 miles away. But, when we go on vacation next year we will be going through some areas that sell it, so I will have to get me some. It is actually really hard to decide on the flavor I liked the best so it would be easier to just say I loved all the flavors!

Here is a nice description of each flavor that way you have a better idea of the flavors.
Toronja / Grapefruit: The refreshing and tangy flavor of Grapefruit is a sweet and sour eye opener! Tuti Fruti / Fruit Punch: Always a crowd favorite. It’s like a flavor-fiesta in a bottle!
Tamarindo / Tamarind: Tamarind is the number two Jarritos flavor (after Mardarin) and delicious ice-cold with any Mexican food.
Piña / Pineapple: Puts you in a tropical state of mind… Ahhh Delicioso!
Mango / Mango: The delicious taste of mango makes you want to tango!
Mandarina / Mandarin: Nobody makes an orange soda quite like Jarritos Mandarin with 100% natural mandarin orange flavor!
Limón / Lime: Electric, lively, citrusy and sweet with 100% natural lime flavor.
Jamaica / Hibiscus: An exotic soft drink with 100% real hibiscus flavor… Que auténtico!
Guayaba / Guava: A liquid tropical vacation ready to drink!
Fresa / Strawberry: A favorite on Valentine’s Day… or any day!
Lima- Limón / Lemon-Lime: A tasty citrus treat waiting to quench any thirst!

There is also a lot of things happening on Jarritos Facebook page! They have just unveiled a new Jarritos Nation contest app. which is a daily scavenger hunt where users can follow clues to win free sodas, t-shirts, gift cards and other great prizes. 

Club Jarritos is also running a daily summer promotion where you can win cash instantly just for signing up and redeeming your cap codes – you could win up to $100,000 now through the end of September! You can also earn Club Jarritos points just for playing our apps, all you have to do is sign up on the Club Jarritos app to get started.

Where to purchase: You can go here to see where there is a store in your area that carries Jarritos.


  1. lime
    i love a lime drink


  2. I love Tamarindo!

  3. i would love any of the sweet ones say strawbery?


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