Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ok, so most of you have noticed actually all of you, that my blog has been having pop ups and ads everywhere for a few months now. It has gotten worse as time has went until the last few weeks has just gotten out of control to where I couldn't even hardly do anything on my blog either. No matter if you are on the homepage or clicking to enter a giveaway something would either pop up, ask you to download something or even take you to a new page. 

So, today I started off by changing my whole blog and deleting things off of it like crazy. To my surprise everything was still happening, Changing my blog did not work, deleting things didn't even work. Until my friend who does not have a blog within 10 minutes she found something on line about deleting off of my blog. This is where I got my Alexa widget I sure didn't think that would cause it. But, after taking it off and adding a legit Alexa widget all of my issues stopped. So I hope you all have fun with the free of headache blog lol!

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