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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wearing make up for me is used to elevate your beauty. It smooths out your skin, it brightens your skin reflection and gives you confidence. Not only is there foundations, lip stick, powders, mascara, liners of all sorts, but there is also eye shadows and blushes which gives you color. It is what gives you that pop of color and really elevates your beauty. That is why I was so happy to have the chance to review Everyday Minerals with the different choices they sent me in blush's and in eye shadows.

About the company: Everyday Minerals is an Austin-based mineral makeup company that specializes in healthy, natural, and sustainable makeup products that every woman can afford and use, every day. The company has a unique corporate culture that puts the customers first, even allowing them to participate in the development and naming of products. What sets Everyday Minerals apart is its loyal following and social community—its active blogs and forums are a testament to this. The company also practices what it preaches: Their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility translates into everything Everyday Minerals does, including day-to-day office life. The eco-conscious collective offers free bicycles to its employees to cut down on carbon emissions; financial incentives are used to get employees to carpool and shop at local organic farms; employees composte at the office, and there is a company-wide “WeCycle” recycling program to reduce needless waste.
Everyday Minerals offers a really nicely huge selection in products. Bass products which offers the coverage we all need before applying all the other products in semi-matte,  matte, intensive, and original glow base. Also offered is powders and concealers. Not only do they offer these products but they also offer products for your eyes, cheeks and lips; plus with these there are tons of colors to choose from. Colors from simple to very eye catching. Also offered on their site is brush's and skincare. What every you are looking for, I am sure you will find the products here plus at great prices. 

During my review I was sent two different blush colors for my cheeks SoCo and Glam Guru. I was also sent two different eye shadows as well Smokey Pink and Hot Chocolate. All items exceeding my expectations and I was really happy with the outcome on all products.   
These blushs were great from color, quality, and feel basically everything. I loved the amount you get of the product and for the price of $9.00 that is prefect and it truly lasts a long time at that. I also liked that there seemed to be a tint of glitter to the blush for me glitter is prefect. The length of the blush staying on your skin was great it lasted all day with no problems even in the summer heat. Another great thing is that at night it came off with no problems and that was nice since I have came across some that didn't want to come off. I can't forget that this product goes on very easy and is really silky on the skin, I really love the feel of the product very light weight.
Oh I loved the colors I was sent for my eyes so much they were simply elegant colors which is me. The first one was the color Hot Chocolate valued at $7.00 which was great. With my tanned skin right now and I blue eyes this really made my eyes pop even more. I really loved the ease of applying and the ease of taking off as well. The texture of the shadow was great and very light weight but had no problem lasting all day.

The last product I tested was the travel size valued at $4.50 in Smokey Pink which I really loved this product. For one the simply fact that this was super easy to apply since all you have to do is roll it on. This is super fast don't need a brush just roll it on where you want it. Can't get much better than that. Plus, it lasts for a long time and the light glitter in it is also a favorite thing for me. For me these products were prefect for me and at the prices I couldn't be more happier. 

Where to order: You can go here and order from their website and prices will vary depending on what you purchase. 


  1. Wish you were here eyeshadow because the color is so bright and pretty!

  2. Deep Kissing Buff & Shine


  3. Love the shadows in Comfy & Ginger Peach because I think that the combo would look great on me


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