Educational Insights "KaMAB!" Review/Giveaway

Monday, August 22, 2011

When I kids start school they have to learn so much so fast. So, it is important to find things that helps them learn and offers a fun engaging time. I know when I was little I was bored with certain things in school but nowadays there are so many things offered to make learning fun. Sometimes they are even learning without realizing it. One particular thing that little ones have to learn, starting usually in 1st grade maybe a little sooner is how to word  build. Educational Insights offers a fund interacting engaging game called KaBAM! which is a quick thinking word building card game.

About the company: Educational Insights is dedicated to producing and marketing the highest quality instructional materials for classroom teachers. Given that all of our products are developed by educators, you can rest assured that they’ll match your children's needs and interests, while incorporating appropriate national teaching standards in a fun and motivating way. At Educational Insights, we prize our association with all of our customers, and we thank you for the trust that you place in us. It’s a commitment we take very seriously!
KaBAM! $12.99 ages 7-up: The fastest word-builders win this quick thinking, head-to-head word game. Two players or teams draw cards and set them down next to each other, face up. Each card features word parts including suffixes, prefixes, single vowels, consonants and dipthongs. Be the first to build a word by adding one or more letters to the sets of letters on the cards, and you can win the round.

When the game first got to the home I knew right away my little girl was going to love this game. For one she loves to read so this is just a different form by making your own words. Playing with my little girl was so fun, and KaBAM! also offered a lot of great laughs. What is funny is that she would say a word that really wasn't a word, just so she could get the first word. The cards are a great size to making them easy to read. Plus the designs and colors used is also really nice. KaBam! comes in this really nice metal box and does not take up a lot of room which is nice, if you are wanting to take it on a trip with you. Also this makes a great car game with the kids too. All in all this game really gets your little ones minds working plus makes them really happy while learning.

Educational Insights also offers a nice selection of word game other then this one. You can go here to see which one you think would fit your kid and you the best. 
Where to purchase: You go here to purchase KaBAM! for $12.99

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