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Monday, August 1, 2011

When you have babies, you are constantly worrying about what they are putting in their mouths. The worst time of that is when they start teething. They want to put everything in their mouths and chew on it, from rattles, fingers, toys, and for mine I even gave them cold wet bath rags to chew on. I know we don't really know how badly it hurts but we do as parents always wish we could take the pain away from them. Now, they make tons of teethers for babies to chew on which has really helped tons and plus there are ones that are safe for them. Dano Baby offers a really nice line of teethers that are safe for them to be in our little ones mouths and also gives us the free of mind at the same time.

About the company: In 2008 DANO Toys started making baby toys and teethers in the USA with environmentally friendly, medical grade materials.  The line, including a PVC-free rubber duck, has been featured in national publications such as Parents and Pregnancy magazines and showcased on NBC and CBS.  The line currently sells in toy stores, baby boutiques and Whole Foods Markets across North America.
In 2010 they released their first iPad app, Little Sky Writers, an airplane themed letter writing game.  The app is often featured by Apple in Appstore sections such as:  New and Noteworthy, Apps for Kids and What’s Hot.   Additionally it has reached as high as #2 for best-selling Educational apps.  Ilounge listed it as one of the 100 must have apps for the iPad.  Version 2.0 with redesigned interface is due out later this month and they have plans to start selling toy airplanes in July based on the popular characters.
Parental and educator feedback on the app led to the creation of the AppCrayon, the first capacitive stylus for kids that works universally with over 300,000 apps on most mobile touch screen devices.  Classrooms have already started to adopt the AppCrayon for use in their curriculum.

I was sent three different products to review but during my review I decided to review two of them and do a giveaway on one of the products. I was sent the Circus Teethers, Bug Bite, and the Ducki. I reviewed the Ducki and the Circus Teethers. I don't have babies in my home anymore and it will more then likely be a few years but I do have tons of friends and family members with babies so it was easy to find someone that would do a review with me. 
The DANO Ducki valued at $9.00 is a unique teether and bath toy that is made in the USA. It features:
  • PVC-free, FDA-compliant medical grade materials. Also BPA- and Phthalate-free.
  • A hatch on the bottom that opens for cleaning and to allow it to air out at the end of each bath.
  • 2 teething surfaces: the tail and the beak. 
  • 3 fun colors: Yellow, Pink and Blue.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only.
I gave this to my cousin who has a little one that is currently teething and also going through a horrible time with it. She was thrilled to do the review on this product for me and had great things to say. She loved the fact that the ducki was free of several things like the lead, phthalate, BPA, and PVC. This made it where she didn't have to worry if her little one was wanting to chew all day long on the ducki. She also stated that she loved the beak and the tail with them being the perfect size to allow her little one to chew on. The other last thing she stated was that the where the bottom opens it allows all the water to get out and also allows you to clean the bucki a lot better.

DANO's Circus Teethers valued at $12.00 are made in the USA with the same medical grade materials that pediatricians and dentists trust for use in their equipment.
  • Each set contains three variable-sized rings (Monkey, Seal, and Lion).
  • 3 textures, colors, and sizes to allow babies options for what feels best on their sore gums.
  • A stylish, compact case to keep rings together and clean.
  • An opening on the large, green ring so that kids can hook them together for fun.
  • PVC-, BPA-, and Phthalate-free.
  • Wash with warm, soapy water before each use.
During the Circus Teethers review I went to my friend's house whom also has a little one that is teething right now but where he just started he isn't real bad yet but it is coming. She loved the different colors and where they are rings he is able to keep a hold of them very easy with out dropping all the time.  She loved the fact that they were also free of PVC, Lead, BPA and Phthalate. She also really liked that they were really easy to clean. But I think as he gets older he will love how you can attach them together. All in all she stated that she really liked them and will come in handy and also will give her the peace of mind.

Where you can order: You can go to their website and order plus prices will vary depending on what you purchase. You can also go here to see what stores/retailers you can purchase them items from.

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