Ayala's Herbal Water Review/Giveaway

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ok, I know I should drink water, but to be honest I am not really a water drinker, I know that is weird. They say we are to drink eight 8oz. glasses of water a day. I swear I am lucky if I drink one or two glasses of water a day. I have been thought the last year or so trying to drink more and more water. Water is extremely important for our bodies for so many reasons like; water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. If I have water with a slice of lemon I do pretty good. When Ayala's Herbal Water gave me the chance to review their water I was so excited. For one it is water but it has different flavors. Flavors I need.

About the company: The Herbal Water story begins in the spring of 2005, in the garden of Dr. Ayala.  A passionate cook, trained pediatrician, talented artist and lifelong vegetarian, Dr. Ayala has spent years exploring healthy, tasty ways to feed children and adults. Seeking an alternative to sugar-laden and artificially flavored beverages, Dr. Ayala created her own blends of herb-infused waters that magically satisfy thirst and restore the spirit.  Among her family and friends, Dr. Ayala's herbal waters became famous for their uniquely refreshing tastes and aromas. The growing demand for these tasty herbal waters led Dr. Ayala to bring Ayala's Herbal Water to everyone. Nothing but great taste from pure water, infused with the finest natural herbs from around the world and kept fresh in a beautiful bottle for your enjoyment.
Herbal Water is full of flavor yet it is free of calories, artificial sweeteners, and artificial chemicals, these naturally fragrant beverages awaken happy feelings.Ayala's Herbal Water is the first nationally available organically certified enhanced flavored water made with all organic ingredients. Each Herbal Water blend is all-natural and sets a new standard for healthy beverages:  zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and zero chemical preservatives.  Also the water comes from an Artesian Well in Virginia.

There are six different flavors available in Ayala's Herbal Water; Lemon Verbena Geranium, Cinnamon Orange Peel, Ginger Lemon Peel, Cloves Cardamom Cinnamon, Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, and Lavender Mint. Also offered is three flavors is sparkling water; Cinnamon Orange Peel, Ginger Lemon Peel and Lemongrass Mint Vanilla.

Check out these great social site pages that Ayal's Herbal Water offers:

So, when I received the box of all the different flavors I was really excited in getting right in there and trying them. The first thing I did was check out all the flavors that way I would understand the flavors as I tried them. I do have to say I really like the bottles how they are made the shape and design. The first flavor I tried was the Cinnamon Orange Peel which I really feel in love the taste. I actually liked all the flavors. The flavors really go with the names, the flavors are very detectable which is really nice. The flavors come out really nicely. I also love the after taste that it leaves in your mouth it is just extremely refreshing. Not only is the flavors great but the scents that come from opening the lid is really nice as well. Each bottle is 16 fl. oz. which is great since that right there is two of the eight 8oz. glasses you need in one day. With the flavors and how tasty these are it wouldn't be no problem with me drinking how much water I should in one day. I also love that they are offer great things like zero calories, zero artificial, and zero preservatives. Also, my kids even drank some of the flavors and if kids are drinking them you know they are good.

Ayala's Herbal Water has also got a lot of great reviews in magazines like Everyday With Rachel Ray, Natural Health, Taste Of Life, Self, Prevention, and Good Housekeeping just to name a few. You can go here to see a complete list.

Also if you sign up for their newsletter you can get a coupon.

Where to purchase: You can go here and order from their website. They also offer a zip-code locator on their website, so you can find a place near you that sells Ayala's Herbal Water.


  1. Lavender Mint

    i LOVE lavender lemonade/ice cream/scones etc

  2. I want to try Cloves Cardamon and Cinnamon... or the Lavender Mint. They all look amazing.

  3. i'd love to try Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, because i love anythhing with mint
    galyettina at yahoo dot com

  4. i would like to try the lemon verbena geranium because i looove the scent of lemon verbena!


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