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Friday, July 22, 2011

I want to apologize to all of my readers. My mother had to have surgery this week in her mouth and it ended up being more complicated with some issues. She went in to have a routine wisdom tooth cut out, but once in there they had to break her jaw to get the tooth out. The last month or so she started to have trouble. Now after the surgery she has found out she can't eat really any solid food for 2 months. So, a lot of smashed food, I am sure she will be happy when the 2 months is over. 

During this time I have been filling in for my mom at the office where her and my dad work. I have had to work a 8-4 job which I am able to take the kids which isn't bad. But, the down side I don't have any internet service there so I haven't been able to keep up. Plus, let me say I haven't worked outside the home for over five years and I am really so exhausted, mentally and physically. I mean I know I do everything inside and outside at my home and every thing in between but I forgot what it was like to do all of my house duties, work and take care of the kids. I am BEAT! This weekend I am going to be catching up on my house and hopefully I can get some reviews/giveaways up for you all! 

Again I am so sorry, but I am back!

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  1. I am now following you via Twitter! I am sooo new and I have no idea what I am doing BUT can you please follow me back there? Thank you sooo much!!
    Crystal Lynn


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