Violent Lips "Lip Tattoos" Review

Friday, July 15, 2011

I am one of those people who won't leave the house without make-up, I know it sounds crazy but I love make-up. One thing that I can't do without is lipstick. Not only do I use lipstick but I also use lip balms, chap sticks, lip glosses, lip moisturizers and well a few other things here and there. Although I found I have not tried out something in fact I found out there is something for your lips that I didn't even know existed at all. Violent Lips "Lip Tattoo's" is a whole new thing that takes your lips to the next level if you feel like getting a little crazy. These lip tattoo's are so fun and with the bold colors and designs you will have a lot of fun with these.

Violent Lips is a Temporary Lip Tattoo that is safe for ages 3+, they are vitamin enhanced and can last 4-8 hours depending on skin type and care. The product is also FDA approved, contains no animal products and is tested on supermodels, not animals. The product is easy to apply and can be removed by using baby oil or mineral oil. 

Each package comes in a 3-pk and also each package is valued at $14.95. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. There are animal designs, bold crazy colors, patriotic designs,  tons of colors & styles in pink, also bold red colors, stripes and even words.
During my review I had the chance to review The Pink Cheetah, and let me say it is very pink and cheetah like. The detailing in the design was great. At first I was wondering oh my what did I get myself into because I will never be able to get these to look right on my lips. But, I gave it a try and I simply measured them and I ended up having to go down to the littlest lip size. To me the hardest thing was to the cut pieces to lay in the perfect spot, but once I did all I did was wet it. Within seconds I was able to pull the white backing off and my lips were exactly pink cheetah even my little boy was in shock. I do wish my little girl had been home she would have had a blast with these with me. When she gets home from her dad's I will have to try these out on her for sure. They do have a sticky/dry like feel to them but after adding some lip silk to them that pretty much fixed that problem. I was actually in shock at how long they lasted with drinking and eating. It didn't seem to effect them at all. The only thing my poor lips was a little purple after rubbing the violent lips off due to me not having any baby oil. I had to use warm soapy water but that is my fault. But, it still came off and within a few minutes my lips were back to normal. I have to admit this is a very fun and different review.
There is very simple step by step instructions on the website and also they will come with the instructions.
~Make sure your lips are 100% clean and free of ANY kind of beauty product
~Always Shape, size and apply the lips with the mouth open to the "AHH" position
~Never cut from the top line of the top Violent Lip pattern
~Never Cut from the bottom line of the bottom Violent Lip pattern
~Stay outside your inner lip waterline (that's where your lips naturally stay wet) on the top and bottom lips
~Don't be shy with the water when wetting the paper back. Wait approximately 40 seconds before you remove the paper
~Once the paper has been removed wet the lips again to smooth it out and seal it. Again don't be shy with the water!
~Wait 5 min for the Lip Tattoo to fully dry and seal
~If you are using any product over the lip after it is fully dry make sure it is very light, not oily and not gummy. For Example Blistex Silk and Shine works well.

You can Purchase: Right from their website and prices will be $14.95 for a 3-pk.

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