Summer Time Glam While Keeping it Natural and Carefree

Friday, July 15, 2011

With summer here and me getting ready to head to the beach real soon, I can't help but wonder if I am in the right summer style or not with my hair and make-up. But with these great tips I am sure I will be ready for the beach and well around my area as well. Also, since my 10 year class reunion is tomorrow these will for sure come in handy while getting ready. Just as we adopt a lighter, more simplistic approach to our wardrobe in summertime, our makeup should be similarly restrained. Below are some great tips from celebrity makeup artist Carmindy of Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy and renowned stylist Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons to help you keep it natural and carefree.

-Deep conditioning treatments are essential in summertime since hair gets beat up by the sun, wind and salty ocean water.  Try to deep condition once per month in the summertime.

-Good color is necessary for hair health. If not done properly, coloring can be very destructive to hair.  Glazes can also be used to return tone to hair.

-Wet hair styles, or styles done straight out of the shower, are great for summer. Deep side part ponytails and low buns are chic and simple. For shorter hair, a great do-it-yourself hairstyle is a simple braid across the front. Take wet or dry hair, make a side part and braid the hair from the part straight down and secure with a rubber band. This style looks sophisticated but it pulls the hair away from the face, which is often essential in the heat.

-The best way to combat frizz is to choose hairstyles that don’t allow it. Styling your hair when it’s wet and you slicking it back eliminates the possibility of frizz being an issue. I also suggest using good anti-frizz products like blow dry lotion, calming cream and wax.

I really love the look of a side bun so I think I am going to try to pull this off but my hair is so think I just hope I am able too. With it being so hot it would be nice to not have my hair down my back since I do have long hair.

- For a relaxed and pretty daytime look, add a subtle wash of eyelid color. Carmindy suggests blue or green.

-Cream shadows can melt off your eyes or crease in summer’s heat. For staying power, choose sheer washes of powder shadow.

-Tube-technology mascaras are especially great for women who find that their mascara runs by the end of a busy day, or live in hot, humid climates.

-Waterproof eyeliners in fun colors like blue or teal look great during the summer. Plus they won’t slip off in humid weather.

-Apply a sweep of golden shadow across eyelids and finish with black mascara on your lashes. Pale gold suits fair skin, tawny gold highlights medium skin, bronze-gold looks great on dark skin.

-Dab a little mattifying gel on your eyelids: it keeps eye shadow from slipping off.

I seems like I never know what colors are best for the seasons but this has really helped. I actually don't have either color so I am going to have to get some. I really love blues since my eyes are blue it will be a great combination. Plus there are some really great tips for how to make your eyes really stand out, a few I didn't know. 
-Pink lips look great on self-tanned faces. This combo also makes your teeth appear whiter.

-A bright coral lipstick topped with a sheer shimmery bronze gloss perks up your entire face, no matter what your skin tone.

-Don’t slather a load of lipstick on the summer; if it looks thick, it looks wrong. Get a blossom-fresh look by first putting bright lip color on your finger. Press it into the lips for a stained, natural finish.

-During the summer, be sure to use lip products with SPF. If your lip color doesn’t offer SPF, apply a sunscreen lip balm before putting on your lippy.

-And remember, keep it simple. For daytime, a simple tinted lip balm is more than enough.

Well since I wear pink already I am in there on this part. Although I should get some lipstick that has SPF in it with it always being the 90's and 100's.

-Sweep a little shimmery golden bronzer over (self-)tanned skin to accentuate your glow,.

-Apply bronzer to your temples, along the sides of your face, and under your cheekbones. Finish with a pop of bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

-Go for a tinted moisturizer that provides hydration, sun protection and sheer coverage.

-Control shine and keep oil at bay by applying a mattifying gel; follow with oil-free foundation. Finish with a light dusting of translucent powder. Keep blotting papers nearby for touch-ups. Your complexion will be glowing, not greasy.

Some really amazing tips on the skin, bronzer I think is going to be my new best friend this summer.

And remember, if all else fails: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Summer is about being natural and easy-going and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. It’s easy. Let’s keep it that way.

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