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Sunday, July 31, 2011

 With so many different skin care and hair care products to choose from it can be a very stressful time when deciding what products to get. For me it has become a little more easier in away. I know I want natural products that are good for you body, but they still have to work great. This can be hard I have bought some products that are natural but just don't work like they should. But, I have also come across products that are natural and work great and then I tend to keep with those products. I still love to try new products here and there that are natural you never know when you will find something that you really like. Beecology has been nice enough to send some goodies to try out on my body and plus I really wanted to see how different Beecology was from other natural products.

About Beecology Natural Skincare and Hair Products: About six years ago I agreed to let a co-worker put a beehive on my family farm. I didn't plan to be responsible for it, but when life events kept him from tending to it, I became a beekeeper.I found bee science and culture fascinating, and I soon began researching bees and attending workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus. Beyond enjoying the science, I found that tending the bees gave me time to reflect. It became a cathartic activity. I also came to realize how connected the bees' world is to ours - any changes in our environment affect their environment as well. I began to think about the foods we eat, the chemicals we use, and the impact these factors have on bees and on us. That's when the idea hit me: I wanted to make natural skincare and hair products using honey, beeswax, and other ingredients that are good for us and our world.

The philosophy behind Beecology
: Today my family and I produce a full line of natural products - lip balm, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion - that help our customers keep their skin and hair healthy the natural way. But being a good corporate citizen isn't just about using the Earth's products wisely. So in addition to drawing from the world to make our natural skincare and hair products, we give back through our charitable arm, We invite you to join us in making a difference.

Beecology has an array of products that are made natural and great for your body. They offer lip products, products for your hair and body. Plus, they even offer gift baskets for those people in your life that maybe you just don't know what to get them well this would be great. Or simply for yourself if you would love to try a little bit of everything that they have to offer. During my review I had the chance to review the Original Honey Hand & Body Cream, Moisturizing Lavender with Bergamot Body Wash, and a lovely little puff. 
Original Honey Hand & Body Cream 8oz. bottle valued at $12.99: True to our name, a trio of bee-provided wonders brings soothing, healing relief to all types of skin. Our very own honey gives this olive oil lotion a light, delicate scent, and sweetly harmonizes with beeswax and bee-derived propolis to lock in moisture. With the rich rejuvenation and antioxidant power of Cupuacu and the famous moisturizing of Shea butter, hand cream becomes total body care. 

The Original Honey Cream was amazing and truly a great product. From the rich creamy texture to the soft light scent you get it is prefect. I loved how it was delicate enough for my kids skin as well as mine. It is a great product that can be used an all family members, plus it really keeps your skin soft. It is very easy to rub in and one thing that I really loved about this product which I know there are many is that it does not leave your hands or skin greasy.
Natural Lavender & Bergamot Body Wash 8oz bottle valued at $8.99: Calming and harmonious, Beecology lavender body wash makes every shower relaxing. Whether you're winding down from the day or starting it on a peaceful note, our all-natural body wash sets the mood with luscious lavender and the sweet citrus of bergamot. Our blend of cleansing and moisturizing coconut, olive, and hemp oils, together with healing aloe and honey, gives you unbelievably soft and smooth skin. With rich lather and natural goodness you can feel, our lavender body wash is always a soothing and unforgettable part of your day.

Ok, first off I have to say is that I love the scent of lavender and it is such an amazing scent to really relax you and help you unwind after a crazy day. With the body wash being 100% natural and being free of preservatives, PEG, and Sulfate it gives me the peace of mind that this product can be used on my entire family with no problems. I tried this product with the puff that was offered in the review. For my little ones and me we all loved the smell. For me I noticed other amazing factor's with this product like how it lathered up and it rinsed off nicely as well. It keep a nice light scent on your body but wasn't overwhelming, and no stickiness to the skin which is always great.
They Promise to Give Back: At Beecology our mission is to give back as much as our good fortune has given to us. Through our charity web site partner,, we pledge to give 10% of our net profit from all sales to environmental and social causes. Beecology invites our customers to participate in charitable giving by asking them to go to and designate which charity will receive a portion of the profit from their Beecology purchases. Two important pieces of my life have now come together: a commitment to ecology through my natural products, and a commitment to causes that help our brothers and sisters.

You can buy here: You can purchase their products from their website and prices will vary depending on what you purchase. 


  1. Buzz Balm Peppermint Lip Balm
    always looking for good lip balm


  2. Lots of things that I'd like, but I LOVE lavender, so the Natural Lavender & Bergamot Body Wash


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