Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Have Winners!

Throx "The Cure For The Missing Sock" Winner is #4 Madeline and she said:
"I follow you on twitter! jonesm333"

Monkey Pod Games Winner is #40 degood and she said:
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Smartfish Technologies Whirl Mini Laser Mouse Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#180 BeautyToLove
I am on the computer say an average of 8 hours a day. I know this seems like a lot but with blogging, catching up with family members, eBay, shopping and a few other things it keeps me busy. But, how I see it, I'm home doing the house, errands, cooking, playing with the kids and outside work also. It is like I have a 8 hour job a day but I get to do it when I want and in the comfort of my home with my kids. The only thing that has really bothered me with so much on the computer is the strain in puts on my hand when using the mouse. Smartfish has generously given me a Whirl Mini Laser Mouse to review which works great and helps with not putting so much strain on my hand now.

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Facebook Like-You-Back – June 29, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kuhn Rikon "Watermelon Knife" Review

One of the things I love about summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables. Oh the lovely food from apples, pears, corn on the cob, green beans, watermelon and so much more. I don't live around a farmer's market but if I did I know that would be one of my most favorite places in the summer. There is something about summer and fresh produce that I love so much. Although watermelon can be one of the most hardest things to cute with them being so huge and most knives just don't have what it takes to really cute through one. So, when Kuhn Rikon gave me the chance to review a watermelon knife I knew I was in for a treat and I was sure the men at the cookouts were going to be fighting over this.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be Present Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#69 Alicia C.
Yoga is a big part of my life I try to do it everyday but of course I have those days when I just can't do to some kind of reason. I remember when I first started I was only able to do about 5 minutes which let me know I was really out of shape. But, as time went I was able to do more and more and it then became a stress reliever and a great health benefit in my life. I did at first try using regular clothes but it didn't take me long to realize that I needed something that I could really stretch in and something that allowed my body to breath in. Of course I mostly have yoga bottoms so having the chance to review a top was going to be nice and also make a great addition among my yoga items. Be Present has been nice enough to allow me to do a review on a Renew Ribbed Tank.

Gnu Foods Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#88 Mindi 
Fiber is a huge part of our lives for so many reasons. But, the problem I find with fiber I just don't like it, and it that simple. So, having the chance to review Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber bars it has opened my eyes and taste buds to some pretty good bars, plus in the process get some fiber in my body which I am sure it needs. These bars are a great source for helping with weight management, regularity and even hear health.

We Have A Winner!

Endangered Species Chocolate Winner is #97 Alicia C. and she said:
"I am a fan on FB #2 alicia crenshaw"